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Sonja Vase Mini Sandlight

Designed by
    Lindform Sonja Vase Mini SandlightLindform Sonja Vase Mini SandlightLindform Sonja Vase Mini Sandlight

Transform your home with the exquisite Vase Sonja mini SandLight. This beautiful bud vase is inspired by the organic shapes found in nature, adding a touch of elegance and tranquility to any room. Experience the beauty and charm of nature in your own home with Vase Sonja mini SandLight.

Designed in Sweden by Marita Lindolm

Ceramic vase with present box
Material: Ceramic
Size: Height 6 cm

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Brand Lindform

Sustainability, quality and craftsmanship are three key qualities built into every Lindform creation. Inspired by the Scandinavian nature with its organic tones and simple shapes, the vases are designed to bring harmony and interest to a room. <br><br>Why we love Lindform<br>Soothing shapes form fluid structures in these beautifully crafted vases. We suggest arranging two or three together with a single flower stem in each.

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