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Flower Bud Yellow

Designed by
    Lindform Flower Bud YellowLindform Flower Bud YellowLindform Flower Bud Yellow

Lindform Flower Bud Yellow

Design by Marita Lindholm

With its lightly textured surface and soft, yellow colour, theFlower Bud Yellow Vase from Lindform is a discrete but beautiful addition to this covetable range of ceramics. A Swedish family business, the heart and soul of Lindform’s handmade ceramic vases belongs to Scandinavia. Taking inspiration from the natural world, the earthy tones and simple, minimalist forms of these most delicate of vases is thoroughly Nordic. With their compelling shapes, textured surfaces, and muted colours, Lindform ceramics have the ability to blend with their surroundings but still be noticed. With a keen focus on craftsmanship, Lindform takes great pride in its high-quality products and also in its eco-friendly credentials.

Due to the handmade nature of Lindform ceramics, every item is unique and differences in shade and pattern will occur, this contributes greatly to their charm. The vases are made from lead-free clay, a porous material that should be hand washed using mild detergent.

Size: Height 6 cm

Material: Matt finished ceramic, glazed interior

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Brand Lindform

Sustainability, quality and craftsmanship are three key qualities built into every Lindform creation. Inspired by the Scandinavian nature with its organic tones and simple shapes, the vases are designed to bring harmony and interest to a room. <br><br>Why we love Lindform<br>Soothing shapes form fluid structures in these beautifully crafted vases. We suggest arranging two or three together with a single flower stem in each.

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Width: 6.5cm


Height: 6cm

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