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Donabe Rice Cooker - 2 Sizes / 3 Colours

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$99.99 Donabe Rice Cooker - 2 Sizes / 3 Donabe Rice Cooker - 2 Sizes / 3 Colours

Makes it easy to cook fluffy steamed rice the correct way Two sizes: for 1~2 people or 3~4 people Three colours to choose from Traditional design for modern living This is a convenient rice cooker for modern homes. The cups of rice can be measured correctly and easily by using the lid of the pot and the top can also be used as a rice bowl. Tsukamoto uses pottery from Mashiko. The soil in the area is a is rich in silicate and iron, which makes it easy to shape and fire-resistant and quite heavy compared to other Japanese pottery. You can expect a strong sturdy How to cook:1) This cooker has 2 layers of lids, use the inner (smaller) layer lid of this pot to measure and put in 2~4 / 3~4 scoops of Japanese rice according to your portion.2) Pre wash the rice 2 or 3 times in the water by gently washing with your hand until the water becomes clear. Let the rice sit for 1 hour in the cold water before you start cooking.3) Empty the water, and then use the outer layer lid to measure and put in the right portion of water for the rice. One portion of rice (using the small lid) to one portion of water (using the large lid). One level inner lid-full of uncooked rice is equivalent to one cup (about 180 ml).4) Heat the water until it boils and then turn it to low heat to cook for about 20 minutes stirring occasionally. After the rice is cooked, turn the flame off and let the rice steam naturally for 10 minutes allowing it to become fluffy. Small: 1~2 people Dimensions: φ14.5 x H12.5 cm Weight: 775kg Large: 3~4 people Dimensions: φ18 x H16.5 cm Weight: 1.7kg Place of Origin: Japan Remarks: After usage, please wash with water and dry immediately. The rice cooker is made of clay so please do not put it in the dishwasher or soak it in water for long time.

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Donabe Rice Cooker - 2 Sizes / 3 Colours

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