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Toilet Brush Refill

Designed by
Iris Hantverk
    Iris Hantverk Toilet Brush Refill

Toilet brush in birch and polypropen from Iris Hantverk. Suitable for soft concrete cup and plastic cup.

You take care of the brush in the same way as an ordinary toilet brush in plastic, flush it one more time in the toilet after use and shake off excess water.

Machine Made.

Weight 83 gram Length 40,5 cm Diameter 8 cm

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Since the late 1800s, Iris Hantverk has been manufacturing household brushes in Stockholm. Each and every brush is an exclusive design and made from natural materials. Today, 11 employees and six visually impaired craftsmen remain, keeping old Swedish traditions alive. Why we love Iris Hantverk. Every brush is made by hand by a visually impaired craftsman, bringing a whole new meaning to the term handmade. It’s something to cherish and use for a lifetime.

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