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Tray Le Loup

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    Ibride Tray Le LoupIbride Tray Le Loup

Galerie de Portraits created by Rachel Convers. By reconsidering the different stages in the life of an object, these trays are metamorphosed into pictures to be hung as wall art. 'They have resonated in our memories for so long. The wolf’s cruelty when faced with the lamb’s innocence, the cunning fox who tricks the crow with flattery, the monkey and the cat who seem to be united in their misdeeds and yet turn out to be veritable false friends...' 'This new gallery of portraits is inspired by the court of the Château de Versailles, where, in the King’s shadow, an elegant and refined crowd lived – characters with unlimited ambitions…' Hand made in France, in keeping with the traditional techniques they are manufactured with kraft layers, soaked in resin and hot-pressed. Dishwasher safe. Dimensions:n H.66 x L.49 cm

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Brand Ibride

Created in 1996 in Fontain, France, ibride is known for its undeniably eccentric selection of original and artful pieces. Innovation, independence and collaboration are further values this truly unique label prides itself on. Inspirations range from the animal kingdom to the quiet reverence of natural history museums and Victorian ephemera. Expect luxurious furniture pieces like extravagant coffee tables or fringed cabinets and distinctive decor such as illustrated serving trays, collector portraits and stackable tableware that double up as a statement piece for any home. Their signature characters that reappear across each of the brand’s collections create a true sense of familiarity and the collectable nature of these investment-worthy pieces.

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