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Card Floral Heart

Designed by
Hadley Paper Goods
    Hadley Paper Goods Card Floral HeartHadley Paper Goods Card Floral HeartHadley Paper Goods Card Floral HeartHadley Paper Goods Card Floral HeartHadley Paper Goods Card Floral Heart

Celebrate and congratulate with this beautiful and vibrant card. Featuring a beautiful pink heart covered in flowers. This card makes the perfect way to send a happy message of congratulations to a lovesome couple or to the one you love. Printed on high quality 300gsm card with crisp cream elegant envelope. This card has been left blank inside so there will be plenty of room for your message. Card measures 11.5 x 15 cm Card measures 11.5 x 15 cm Created by Hadley, designed, made, distributed in the UK. This card is environmentally friendly made from recycled paper that is compostable and has plastic free packaging.

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Hadley Paper Goods is a greeting cards brand run by artist Jo, who has always loved the thought and rituals involved in card-giving. After having a baby she found she was sending cards more than ever, and noticed that a personal hand-finished design held more sentiment and feeling. Each card design starts it’s life as an artwork: a collage, drawing or print. She aims to use computers as little as possible; believing that a line drawn by a human hand, with all it's wonkiness and charm, communicates so much more than a clean computer generated one. Each card is printed on high quality paper using inks that give really vibrant tones and a stunning matte finish.

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