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Salmon Maki Socks

Designed by
DOIY Design
    DOIY Design Salmon Maki SocksDOIY Design Salmon Maki SocksDOIY Design Salmon Maki Socks

These Salmon Maki Socks from Doiy are a must-have for that sushi obsessed friend. Presented in a gift box, these unique socks look just like two rolls of salmon maki (if a little less edible!). Socks Sushi Salmon One size fits all Cotton 37647

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Looking for a unique gift? Barcelona based DOIY Design injects a little joy into everyday life by reimagining everyday objects in playful, humorous ways. Whether it's stackable glasses that form a cactus or pizza cutters shaped like leopards or hand shaped vases and smiley face adorned yoga mats - add a little cheer to your home, and instantly brighten your day.

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