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1 Litre Refill Bottle - Rose Sauvage Liquid Soap

    Compagnie De Provence 1 Litre Refill Bottle  - Rose Sauvage Liquid SoapCompagnie De Provence 1 Litre Refill Bottle  - Rose Sauvage Liquid Soap

If you get through a significant amount of liquid soap then this economical refill bottle might be the answer. We currently have this soap in figue, rose sauvage, bois d'olive, sweet almond, lavande and verveine scents but if you are interested in us sourcing the other scents in a refill bottle please let us know. Made in the French fragrance capital of Grasse.

The voluptuous fragrance of a bunch of freshly cut roses.

We have this fragrance of liquid soap available in three other sizes: this 1 litre refill, a 495ml glass bottle with pump dispenser and a 300ml plastic bottle with pump dispenser.

Plastic bottle. 1 litre capacity.

Please note Compagnie de Provence liquid soaps can become cloudy when exposed to cold conditions. The soap will gradually revert to being clear as it acclimatises to a standard room temperature.

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Compagnie De Provence is best known for its famous liquid Marseille soap, which is crafted from vegetable oils using the traditional method - in a cauldron. This recognisable brand has extended its range from this iconic soap to include a number of natural products, including cosmetics, fragrances, candles and diffusers. Compagnie De Provence like to work with local suppliers when it comes to sourcing the olive and almond oils that make up the base for many of their products, and everything they produce is free from parabens, mineral oils, aluminium, sodium laureth sulphate and triclosan. Their commitment to sustainability extends to their packaging too, with glass, recyclable bottles and 1-litre liquid soap refills available.

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1 Litre Refill Bottle - Rose Sauvage Liquid Soap

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