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| Caraffa Paris 2l blue color

Designed by
Anna Von Lipa
    Anna Von Lipa | Caraffa Paris 2l Colore BluAnna Von Lipa | Caraffa Paris 2l Colore Blu

Volume 2000 ml

Height 23 cm

Diameter 15.5 cm

Elegant jug with the traditional nail motif originally from Bohemia. This elegant jug decorated with the traditional nail motif originally from Bohemia, the Czech Republic, is a delicious and useful piece for every occasion. It is blown by mouth and handmade 100% with care and competence. An eternal classic that is now available in a range of colors, which adapts to any mood or season.

Since 1996, Anna von Lipa has collaborated with the oldest and most important glass blowers in Europe, designing and producing luxurious works of art in blown glass. Glass processing is proudly produced in Bohemia, the Czech Republic, the empire of central Europe's glass. In design and forms there is the influneza of the Danish lifestyle, a mix between modern, vintage and crafts design. Jytte Corlell is the founder of Anna von Lipa and the main designer. Since she graduated from Via University College Campus Herning in 1988.

Information on the use of glass: Glass is a fantastic material. It is at the same time fragile and incredibly strong. He owns physical strength, for example, he resists humidity, sun and frost. But it is equally strong in its artistic and aesthetic expression. The transparency and reflection of the glass create depths when playing with light in refractions and reflections. Blowjob is a fascinating process that requires time. The artist handles the glass when he is still liquid until he is at 1300˚ Celsius. A glass is blown by multiple layers and therefore air bubbles are probable. Smaller air bubbles characterize hand -worked glass and we do not consider it a deterioration of quality.

Glass care: Our crystal glasses are washable in dishwasher if they are subject to the following recommendations:

- Use a short washing program, less than 60th Celsius, without drying program.

- Open the oblivion of the dishwasher so that the water can evaporate and dry the glasses with a canvas.

- Our glasses are resistant to weak acids but not to stronger acids such as the various disenchanted agents that are usually purchased at home. Instead, we recommend using citric or acetic acid.

However, hand washing is recommended.

Natural colors: A combination of traditional technology and minerals of the earth summarizes the particularity of the colors present. Our bluish shades are obtained by adding cobalt oxide liquid glass. Green and brownish colors are associated with iron. Pink and ruby with gold chloride.

Quality: The crystal glasses Anna von Lipa do not contain lead. In some products where greater resistance, lightness and brilliance is needed, the barium element is used.

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| Caraffa Paris 2l blue color

Designed by
Anna Von Lipa
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