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Shelving & Storage

With help from Trouva’s range of nifty storage solutions, you can hide your untidy side and clear the clutter away. From pastel hay crates to intricately woven baskets, high-saturation Mustard Made cabinets to rattan wall shelves, there’s a design to meet every need – and every mess. Curated by a global community of independent boutiques, our varied selection offers versatile fixes that achieve both style and functionality. Wave goodbye to those unruly corners of your home, say hello to sleek magazine holders, lidded boxes and subtle shelving units.

Room by Room

What works for one room may not work for another. For bathroom storage, consider shallow wall shelving for your beauty products and reach-for toiletries. You’ll want a towel rail, too, and a mirrored cabinet over the sink will make life a whole lot easier. Get ready for your new and improved morning regime.

The living room is the place to let a mid-century-style unit shine, whether you’re using it to house your vinyl collection or cocktail-making kit. Every bibliophile should have a shelf to display their books, and a fun animal-themed basket is a must-have for the kids room. Meanwhile, a spice rack and HAY utensils holder on the kitchen counter will bring an ease to cooking.

All in the Details

Storage doesn’t have to involve bulky units and complicated shelving that takes up half a wall. Sometimes, all you need is a compact space to contain loose household items. Install some hooks to hang rogue towels and your go-to jewellery, and organise your miscellaneous kitchen goods with labelled storage jars and pots. Japanese brand Yamakazi is a name worth knowing if you’re seeking simple, slimline solutions without compromising on aesthetics. Trusted Site