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DL1961 is a New York based sustainable fashion brand on a mission to do things differently when it comes to helping the environment. Whereas the average pair of jeans needs 1,500 gallons of water to be produced, DL1961 uses less than 10 gallons per pair - making their jeans a failsafe choice when it comes to sustainable, premium denim. To achieve this green approach, the brand uses botanic fibres, organic and certified cotton, clean dyes and energy efficient machinery in order to preserve resources. When it comes to the fit, you can rely on DL1961 to be universally flattering and always updated with new trending styles. From straight to bootcut and boyfriend styles, pick from the most iconic denim pairs with a good conscience at DL1961.

Hepburn Wide Leg Jeans Eggshell Copy
From Amelie

DL1961 Hepburn Wide Leg Jeans Eggshell Copy

Patti Straight Leg Jeans Reef
From Amelie

DL1961 Patti Straight Leg Jeans Reef