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      Welcome to Trouva, your ultimate destination for inspired, design-led products from the UK’s best independent boutiques.

      Independent boutiques undeniably have some of the best products you can find. They’re often hand-crafted, unique and excellent quality yet these boutiques can also be hard to find. Who has the time to drive around the UK's little streets to unearth the best homewares, gifts and fashion?


      Trouva is dedicated to discovering the UK’s best boutiques and bringing them to you in one convenient destination for simple homeware shopping.

      However, it is the independent boutiques that are the real heroes here. Our boutique owners come from art, design and retail backgrounds so they know how to spot a gem, from hand-crafted tea pots to traditionally made laundry baskets woven with seagrass, and individually glazed vases that are pure works of art.

      We have a team of curators who then handpick a selection of homewares to create edits inspired by seasons, colours and current trends. We make it simple, easy and convenient. It’s curated shopping for the modern woman and man.


      Trouva showcases a covetable collection of fashion from the stylish streets of London and around the UK. We have a community of boutiques that hail from creative hubs like Brighton, Manchester, Edinburgh and more. You’ll find sleek tailored jackets from Hastings, award-winning shearling coats from Nottingham, and abstract silk dresses from Islington.

      We want you to find the right shade, the unique cut and the perfect little details that truly speaks to you. Trouva puts the inspiration and joy back into shopping by helping you find things that reflect your unique style and personality. Don’t invest in disposable fashion and lacklustre design. Trouva can help you find timeless and personal fashion items you’ll want to wear for years.


      We stock beautiful accessories to complete outfits and homes, from silk scarves to sleek ties, sunglasses and shoes. You can trust that we’re on top of current trends, and keep an eye out for timeless classics like hand-crafted gold rings, Scandinavian-designed watches or perhaps a chestnut leather washbag.

      Quality and design are at the heart of all our accessories. If you’re searching for a unique gift that stands out from a sea of soulless products then Trouva is your new favourite shopping destination.

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      If you’ve ever wandered through one of the UK's independent boutiques, you'll know that there are things of beauty in ever corner waiting to be unearthed. Trouva is much the same, we have plenty of alcoves filled with art, books, fragrances, shaving accessories and gifts even for your pet. We offer an absolute treasure trove of items so take the time to wander and find something truly meaningful.

      Trouva has come to the rescue by bringing all these bricks and mortar boutiques together online for your convenient perusal. We take the time to discover the UK’s most creative boutiques, handpicking a selection to join our community.

      Trouva is a curated platform which is how we keep our quality high and our customers happy. You won’t find mass-produced, uninspired design here. Instead, we prize individuality, inspiration and beauty. We love stores that have their own unique stories and a design vision that stands out from the rest.

      What’s more, when you shop with Trouva you’re supporting smaller retailers and helping them to stand up to the high street heavyweights. By choosing creativity over carbon-copies you help to keep these boutiques afloat and empower them in an increasingly mass-produced world.

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