Shop Small Saturday: DEP Design Store

Join us as we chat to Doriana, owner of DEP Design Store, based in the heart of Como, just blocks from the lake.

Welcome to Shop Small Saturday, a weekly feature where we celebrate our community of independent boutiques, from Bath to Berlin.

Dubbed ‘The Apartment Store’, DEP Design is a concept store nestled among the ancient walls of the scenic Italian city of Como, just two blocks from the lake.

Founded in 1998 by Doriana De Petris, who “wanted to create a unique space to express her passion for contemporary interior design and comfortable living”, the store was created by combining two apartments into one. “We wanted to retain that feeling of being in an apartment. Each room is based on the spaces found in any home: living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom… We carefully restored the space, including all of the decorative details on the ceilings, wooden doors and even the parquet floor.”

The attention to detail that Doriana uses is evident. Every single item in the store feels like it belongs, and it is clear that multitudes of passion and experience has gone into its curation. From sculptural glassware by Ichendorf and Guaxs to graphic prints from Nina Brunn, and soft furnishings from Libeco, Doriana’s chic and refined taste shines through.

Whether you are planning a trip to Como, or looking for a touch of escapism, read on to find out what it is like to spend a Saturday at DEP Design Store.

“Our store is located in a building first constructed in the 1400s. To visit us, you pass through a high-arched doorway into a courtyard filled with lights, exotic plants, and vintage furniture - it creates such an inviting atmosphere. Walk straight across the courtyard and you will see the black and white sign "dep" leading up a set of stairs filled with shelves and niches containing a selection of products. Our "Apartment Store" is on the first floor. We live in the same building as the store, so normally on a Saturday we arrive just a few minutes before opening time, at 10:00 a.m.”

“Creating the right atmosphere is a big part of DEP -  we want it to feel like visiting the apartment of a close friend. We always start by lighting the candles in the lanterns and candleholders, spray our room fragrances throughout the space and start our favourite playlist. We play an assortment of modern music from acoustic to singer-songwriter, and jazz to set the tone.”

“We at DEP Design Store believe that every home should be a place that reflects the style of those who live there, so that it becomes a kind of refuge from the stress of the world outside. Each item in the store showcases this philosophy, combining aesthetics with functionality. Our selection of brands is vast making it hard to single out a few favourites but Ichendorf Milano is definitely one of our most popular on Trouva. They produce a large range of fine blown glass items from jugs to stemware, candle holders and drinking glasses.”

“As Como has become a tourist destination over the years, the ebb and flow of customers has become completely unpredictable, and often busy. We can see why, as we honestly say that our store is located in one of the most fascinating and atmospheric areas of the city of Como, which is itself a wonderful destination. We are in the heart of the old town, in between two very popular piazze (that's how you say piazzas in Italian) full of restaurants, bars, cafés and other shops.”

“Once we close the store for the day, it is sometimes on to an occasional aperitivo with friends, but most of all I go home to a great home-cooked meal with fresh seasonal ingredients. Being in Italy, do we really need to say more? The selection and quality of food offerings are simply wonderful.”

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