About T&SHOP

Located in the heart of Stoke Newington, T&Shop was born as a result of the owner Emily's love of tea combined with her passion for design. A former visual merchandiser and stylist who was brought up holistically, it was always Emily's dream to open her own boutique. The boutique has a homespun quality with Emily handling everything, from brewing tea for customers to going on buying trips to Europe.

From the founder

"The community in Stoke Newington is particularly special and my customers really make my day. Lots of them are friends and I know them so well. I hold their kids and play with them outside; I even taught one of my customers how to make coffee."


This is Emily

A former stylist and visual merchandiser at Browns, when Emily decided to open her own shop she took inspiration from her time living and working in Paris. There, all of the big couture houses have adjoining tea rooms, an idea which struck a chord with Emily thanks to a childhood raised by her tea-enthusiast parents.