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Store Collective

About Store Collective

The Store Collective is a carefully chosen edit of mostly British makers & designers, alongside an ever growing collection of designers from across Europe. You'll find new and emerging design-led brands as well as more established names. We work with partners who strive to create something new and interesting, while remaining sustainable, forward-thinking and ethical. We believe that it's important for businesses to stand for something, which is why we look for our partners to tick certain boxes in the way they work and source their products. This might mean their products show 'Authenticity & Personality', they might focus on 'Sustainability & Tech' in their design and production methods, or they could be championning themes of 'Inclusivity & Awareness'. Whatever their focus, we want to promote, support and shine a light on these amazing business owners, who are all following their dreams in a positive way. We call it 'Shop with Purpose'... Trusted Site