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Can you hear that? It’s the soft chime of wedding bells in the distance as wedding season fast approaches. For many of us, weekends in the spring and summer are a series of wedding-related social celebrations, from hen-dos to the big day itself. Weddings come with a confetti-load of wedmin, for guests and nearly newlyweds alike. For guests, what to wear and what to give the happy couple can pose the trickiest questions to solve but we’re here to help with our two-part guide which will solve your wedding guest woes. Keep reading for the ultimate wedding guest guide.

Finding a unique wedding gift

With times changing, gifting a toaster or kettle to the happy couple probably isn’t going to cut it anymore, but why not?

It’s no secret that attitudes to marriage and cohabitation have changed a lot; 20 years ago tradition dictated that couples married and then lived together, but in 2019 times are different. Modern couples are rejecting traditional timelines in favour of cohabiting before getting married. In fact the latest cohabitation report from the ONS found that 5.9 million people are living together unmarried in the UK – double the figure in 1996. (Source: Telegraph) This change in behaviour has a knock-on effect on the types of gifts that modern couples want to receive on their wedding day. With the majority of couples living together before tying the knot, you won’t be finding those traditional wedding gifts like toasters and blenders on their wedding list as it’s likely the couple already own these. With toasters and blenders off the list, it paves the way for a new wave of exciting, unique wedding gifts (think a design-led cocktail set, a pair of beautiful salt and pepper grinders or a special piece of art) to be the finishing touches in the couple’s already established home.

Find a wedding gift that's as unique as the couple

Navigating through the world of wedding-gift buying is no mean feat, and given that Trouva is a treasure trove of unique homewares that make extra special wedding gifts, we thought we’d bless you with the best gift of all: the ultimate wedding gift guide. Traditionally wedding gift guides are split down by price or by type of gift, but that doesn’t help wedding guests to find a gift that’s as unique as the nearly-newlywed couple. So if you’re searching for a thoughtful wedding gift, you’ve come to the right place. Categorised by interest, our gift guide will connect you with an array of one-of-a-kind wedding gifts that no other guest will give, whether the nearly-newlyweds prefer art or adventure, cooking or coffee. We guarantee that these wedding gifts will warrant the most gushing of thank you cards from the happy couple.

Wedding gifts for foodies

We all know a foodie couple whose first piece of wedmin is booking and taste testing their wedding menu. You’re likely to find items like a new Kinto coffee set, a marble chopping board or a brushed brass cocktail set on their wedding registry. The word ‘foodie’ is a broad term, so have a think about what their favourite foods are or what they typically serve at dinner parties you’ve been to. Do they love red wine and cheese? Or do they prefer dessert and a cocktail? By knowing the types of food or drink they love will help you find the right gourmet gift for them.


Kinto coffee and tea accessories make perfect wedding giftsBest for: coffee and tea accessories

Couples who caffeinate together, stay together and Japanese brand Kinto, helps you do that in style. The brand designs and produces coffee, tea and drinkware accessories which encourage us to slow down and enjoy the ritual of preparing, consuming and sharing tea and coffee. From sleek kettles designed not to drip, to sets of stoneware espresso mugs, to brushed brass coffee brewer sets, Kinto is a go-to brand when searching for a gift for couples who love caffeine in all its forms. Crafted in quality materials and with an emphasis on form and function, a piece from the Kinto collection makes for an extra special wedding gift.

Canvas Home

Canvas Home's Dauville range makes for lovely wedding gifts
Best for: dinner party essentials

This New York based brand have made a name for themselves thanks to their unique range of products that are perfect for any couples who love to entertain and host dinner parties for friends and families. Canvas Home produces many different collections in different styles which will suit many different tastes. We love the Dauville range which contains pieces which are perfect for giving as wedding gifts, thanks to the pairing of classic white porcelain with either a dipped gold or platinum rim. The Abbesses range is ideal for couples with a more modern style as the collection combines white porcelain with primary colours, so you can choose from red, blue, yellow or green finishes. From beautiful cake stands to classic coaster sets, you’re bound to find a beautiful Canvas Home wedding gift for the couple who love to host.

LSA International

Best for: glassware and cocktail accessories

What better way for a couple to toast their nuptials then with delicious cocktail served up in a set of beautiful new glasses? LSA International is the go-to brand for any couples that love a tipple. From hand-blown gin balloon glasses to a set of slick champagne glasses, the LSA range also comes in a range of different finishes including pearlised, iridescent wine glasses and coloured glass tumblers. What’s the couple’s drink of choice? Whether it’s gin, red wine, whisky or water, LSA have a set of beautiful glassware to serve it in which makes a perfect wedding gift.

Gifts for art aficionado couples

Do they know their Hockney from their Van Gogh? Their Hockney from their Pollock? We all know a couple who love art. A stunning work of art or print is the perfect gift for any art-loving couples in your life. Art or prints are a thoughtful option as it can be seen as a deeply personal gift. Before purchasing, have a think about their home and what pieces of art of decorative objects they already have in their home as this will give you an indication of their style and the kind of piece they would actually hang on their wall. Make sure you’re also buying the print framed or that you get the piece framed in a beautiful frame that works with the print so that the newlyweds can immediately hang it and it doesn’t end up gathering dust somewhere. We recommend Moebe’s clever, easy-to-hang frames which come in oak, black and white.

Hotel Magique

Hotel Magique make contemporary prints for couple who love art
Best for: Contemporary prints

Hotel Magique’s range of prints take inspiration from France to create their range of prints. While their collection is inspired by Wes Anderson, French vintage posters and American motels, their designs are made modern by the use of primary colours and typography. Emblazoned with phrases like ‘You Are Magique’ and ‘Love, Peace And Magique’ they are a subtly romantic way to celebrate the love between the nearly newlyweds in a stylish and modern way.

Paper Collective

Paper Collective prints as wedding guest gifts
Best for: Photographic prints

Paper Collective have a wide range of different styles of prints from graphic, to abstract, to figurative. They are most famous for their stunning collection of photographic prints which capture everything from bright floral arrangements, to moody landscapes, to pastel coloured prints that highlight stunning architectural details on buildings around the world. These photographic prints would look great in the homes of couples who love to travel.

LouLou Avenue

We love Lou Lou Avenue prints as unique wedding giftsBest for: figurative art

There’s been a real boom in the popularity of art and design that focuses on the human form. Dutch visual artist LouLou Avenue has made a name for herself with her modern range of neutral coloured prints focusing on rendering human faces in an abstract way, using loose brushstrokes to capture human likeness. The curved lines and abstract forms create a romantic feel without resorting to colours or motifs like love hearts that traditionally evoke love.

Gifts for couples in their first home

Moving in together and getting married is a series of ‘firsts’ like a first dance and a first home. It’s the case for many newlyweds that they’re either on the property ladder and have just bought their home or they’ve just moved into their first rented home together. Whether rented or bought, it’s likely that that the happy couple have the basics like furniture and appliances covered, which means they’re on the hunt for those extra special homeware pieces that will bring their personality in their new home and make it truly feel like home. We’ve selected three homeware brands producing an array of home accessories that make perfect wedding gifts for their new home.

Ferm Living

Ferm Living's collection make great wedding gifts for couples in their new home
Best for: Scandi home accessories

Any self respecting interior enthusiast or first home owner will no doubt have come across a piece from Ferm Living’s extensive collection. The Scandi brand have carved a reputation as being the go-to brand for unique, Scandi inspired homewares. From laundry bags to cushions to kitchenware, Ferm Living’s success lies in their skill at elevating everyday objects into beautiful and functional items, and fusing ever-popular Scandi style with contemporary influences taken from around the world. So what to get the happy couple as a special wedding gift? We recommend one of their beautiful, abstract patterned cushions or a practical and stylish piece from their kitchen collection. Alternatively, let the happy couple toast to their future in style with Ferm Living glassware from their drinkware collection. With a range that covers every household item and every room in the home, we guarantee you’ll find the perfect wedding gift for couples who have just bought their first home.

Wallace Cotton

Best for: luxury linens for bath and bed

Nothing says new home like a set of luxurious bed linens, blankets, cushions or bath linen, and New Zealand-based brand Wallace Cotton is a destination for all of the above. For a beautiful wedding gift for couples in their first home, consider Wallace Cotton’s velvet range of bedspreads, blankets and cushions that come in sumptuous chartreuse yellow, halcyon blue or olive green. The rich colours coupled with the plush velvet texture will bring a touch of luxury to the couple’s new home which could well be crying out for some colour and personality. As a less expensive gift, Wallace Cotton also produce a range of woollen blankets that come in pink and grey. At the even more inexpensive end of the scale, opt for a pair of Wallace Cotton’s fun printed tea towels or botanical square cushion covers.

HK Living

There’s porcelain platters, marble chopping boards, 1970s style tea pots and sets of ceramic noodle and matcha bowls, in HK Living’s kitchen and dining collection which we think would make beautiful wedding gifts for style conscious couples looking to entertain in their new homeBest for: Eclectic accessories for modern homes

Dutch brand HK Living draw influences from all four corners of the globe to create their eclectic range of home accessories for modern homes. In contrast to Scandinavian brands who prefer a minimalist, ‘less is more’ aesthetic, HK Living’s style nods to diverse cultures as well as looking to the past, especially the 1970s era, to create their irreverent range of home accessories. Think Darwin-esque paperweights containing suspended jellyfish, cushions printed with Japanese style patterns, and ceramic plates, cups and platters inspired by the bohemian 70s aesthetic. We’ve sifted through HK Living’s beautiful range (it’s a hard job but someone’s got to do it) to spotlight the pieces we think would make perfect wedding presents for the couple’s first home. There’s porcelain platters, marble chopping boards, 1970s style tea pots and sets of ceramic noodle and matcha bowls, in HK Living’s kitchen and dining collection which we think would make beautiful wedding gifts for style conscious couples looking to entertain in their new home. Searching for a decorative homeware piece? Consider HK Living’s room decor collection which features their famous range of botanic hanging wall charts alongside a range of handcrafted vases.

Gifts for the couple who have everything

We all know a couple who have everything already and they’re by far and away the trickiest people to buy a gift for. Their homes and lives are already filled with everything they could need and want, so what to give them on their wedding day? Our advice is to seek out truly unique decorative pieces, that they won’t have seen before and won’t be able to live without. Luckily Trouva is just the place to find those gifts. It was tricky but we’ve selected three of our favourite brands producing perfect wedding gifts for the couple who have everything.

Helen B

Helen B's cheeky ceramics make great wedding guest gifts
Best for: cheeky ceramics

Belgian illustrator Helen B burst onto the homewares scene with her range of tongue-in-cheek illustrated ceramics. Find espresso cups featuring a dancing duo, a porcelain platter complete with a nude couple or even a chopping board with a crowd-surfing girl in Helen B’s unique collection. Helen B’s illustrations of cheeky couples are a fun and stylish nod to the couple’s marriage without being cheesy. These are works of art in their own right which demand to be displayed and used.


Seletti's out-there home accessories make beautiful wedding gifts for the couple who have everything
Best for: out-there interior accessories

Italian design house Seletti put the ‘fun’ in functional with their tongue-in-cheek collection of homewares which blur the line between fantasy and reality. There’s porcelain espresso cups cast in porcelain and made to look like throwaway plastic cups or a range of ceramics inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi, where items are repaired using gold glue. For an ever bolder gift, find plates and cushions featuring graphic, colourful images of lips, animals and fingers. Not for the faint-hearted, a Seletti piece is the perfect wedding gift for a couple who have everything and who seek out homewares that stand out from the crowd.

La Soufflerie

La Soufflerie vases make unique wedding gifts for the couple who have everything
Best for: beautiful vases and vessels

You’ll lose your head over La Soufflerie’s stunning range of vases and vessels crafted in hand-blown glass in the shape of human heads. Made of recycled glass, La Soufflerie’s range is available in transparent, cobalt blue, olive green and turquoise glass and also come as vases, candleholders, bowls and candles. A family run French business, their range is hard-to-find so we guarantee that the couple who have everything certainly won’t have a piece from La Soufflerie in their home.

Gifts for couples who love to cook

How do you spot a couple who love to cook? Well, if they’re not glued to the latest series of Masterchef you’re likely to find them cooking up a storm in their kitchen, experimenting with new ingredients and flavours and loving every minute of it. Whatever they love to cook, gift the happy couple the finest kitchen and cooking accessories to help them indulge their greatest passion. Our advice? Invest in quality here as these pieces will encounter a lot of use so you want to give them a gift that stands the test of time.


Ruffoni copper pots and pans
Best for: the best pots and pans money can buy

Italian brand Ruffoni have been creating their signature range of the finest copper pots and pans in the Italian Alps since 1931, so they really know what they’re doing when it comes to cookware. At the pricier end of the wedding gift spectrum, the pots and pans are crafted in copper which means which allows heat to spread evenly and consistently across the whole pan. It also means that the ideal temperature transfers evenly from the bottom of the pan to the sides and remains controlled throughout the cooking process. What’s even better is that this means that food doesn’t stick to the bottom which means no burnt bits and keeps flavours the same. A copper Ruffoni pan is a must-have piece of cookware in the kitchen of any aspiring chefs and couples who love to cook.

Robert Welch

Best for: all the essentials that aspiring chefs need

Made from the highest quality materials, Robert Welch cooking accessories are designed to fit seamlessly into any style of kitchen, whether traditional or contemporary. Perhaps most famous for their extensive range of knives from carving sets to Santoku knives, Robert Welch knives are perfectly balanced to achieve the perfect slice, chop or dice every time.


Stelton are famous for their kitchenware designs including jugs, kettles, French presses and coffee pots which all make beautiful wedding gifts
Best for: kitchen accessories with style

Founded in 1960, Stelton is a Scandinavian-based brand renowned for their collection of sleek, functional and well-designed homewares. Most famous for their kitchenware designs including jugs, kettles, French presses and coffee pots which all make beautiful wedding gifts, especially for couples who spend more time in their kitchen than anywhere else. Their pieces come in a range of colours from primary colours like red and blue, to black with gold accents, you’re sure to find the right wedding gift whatever the couple’s style or the colour palette they’ve used in their kitchen.

Your wedding gift woes have hopefully been solved with our extensive wedding gift guide, and now on to answer the next most important question that every wedding guest must answer: what do I wear to a wedding?

What to wear to a wedding

Alongside the wedding gift conundrum, weddings throw up the question of what to wear, with guests feeling bound to buy a new outfit for each wedding they attend. Every wedding and every couple is different, which makes recycling outfits a little tricky – what you wear to a wedding in the height of summer probably won’t be suitable for that winter wedding in Winter. Fear not, this section of our Ultimate Wedding Guest Guide contains all you need to find the right outfit, whether it’s a casual spring wedding or a more formal affair.

Our Creative Director Lucy Ward at a recent summer wedding
Our Creative Director Lucy Ward showing us how summer wedding dressing is done

Before we talk colours and outfits, there’s a few points to consider. Although traditions and rules around weddings have become increasingly relaxed, when it comes to choosing a wedding guest outfit, there are a few rules that shouldn’t be ignored.

Most invitations give direction on what guests should wear, whether it’s black tie or bohemian, pay attention to what the couple ask to make sure you’re not standing out for the wrong reasons. A clear direction from the nearly-newlyweds will also help you streamline your search for the perfect outfit.

Wearing white or even a colour close to white, ivory or cream is perhaps the biggest faux pas of all. Even if the bride won’t be wearing white on her wedding day, err on the side of caution and opt for a colour that’s as far removed as possible to avoid an unhappy bride on the day. Just like white is a no-no, black wedding outfits can be a contentious point. Unless the wedding has specified black in the colour palette or it’s a black tie affair, generally it’s best to avoid black due to its association with funerals – not the most cheery of events to be reminded of on a wedding day.

On the topic of colours, take your colour palette inspiration from the season in which the wedding in taking place.

Spring and summer weddings

With most weddings taking place in the period from the start of spring and lasting well into late summer, wedding guest attire has become synonymous with the most groundbreaking of spring/summer patterns: florals. Alongside florals being a favourite, fresh, vibrant colours like pale pink, cherry red, periwinkle blue are also good options for spring and summer weddings.

Autumn and winter weddings

Autumn and winter’s drawn out nights and shorter days usher in a new colour and pattern palette when thinking about what to wear to a wedding. Florals are still a wardrobe favourite for weddings but colours turn warmer and darker: think ochre and caramel for neutral tones or rich jewel colours like emerald, burgundy and scarlet.

Dresses to impress

Dresses are a failsafe wedding guest outfit choice. Regardless of what season the wedding is taking place in, what the theme is or how relaxed or formal the dress code is, there’s a dress out there for you.

Jump(suits) to it

A relatively new addition to the wedding guest outfit roster, brands are increasingly bringing jumpsuit designs into their ranges. Jumpsuits are a contemporary option, but proceed with caution as depending on the fabric and cut some jumpsuits can be considered too casual for certain weddings, it’s best to avoid anything made in jersey or chambray. However, well-cut jumpsuits in beautiful fabrics are a contemporary alternative to a dress and are perfect for anyone who doesn’t feel comfortable in a dress.

Brands to buy into

There’s an array of brands offering wedding guest outfit options for all types of weddings but we’ve selected a few of our favourites who are leading the way in creating stylish designs that make for ideal wedding dress attire.


Best for: spring weddings

Ganni dresses are perfect for spring weddings
This Scandi brand have pioneered the revival of the wrap dress which was once considered an unfashionable option, Ganni have been able to breathe new life into the wrap dress thanks to their fun, vibrant take on patterns and prints. Ganni have brilliantly modernised the classic wrap dress cut with modern design finishes like an exaggerated sleeve or an asymmetric hem. Still not convinced by wrap dresses? Fortunately there’s plenty of other Ganni designs to explore, from maxi dresses, to wrap skirts to puff sleeve georgette dresses. For more adventurous weddings, Ganni’s range of leopard print dresses and skirts are a super stylish option.

Baum Und Pferdgarten

Best for: casual weddings

Baum Und Pferdgarten are a Danish brand offering beautiful outfit options, especially for the more casual and laid back weddings in your diary. Their spring/summer range feature a range of designs (think maxi and midi dresses, wrap dresses and skirts) featuring a yellow floral pattern that would be beautiful for spring and summer weddings. The sheer fabrics and more laidback cuts make the Baum Und Pferdgarten pieces suited for a more casual wedding, rather than a black tie or formal affair.

Stine Goya

Best for: smart and stylish weddings

Stine Goya make beautiful pieces to wear to weddings
Yet another Scandi brand making waves in the fashion world is Danish design house, Stine Goya. The brand’s pioneering range of tailored trouser suits in bright colours and patterns are a smart and stepped up alternative for anyone who doesn’t like dresses and can’t find the right jumpsuit. Be the best dressed guest and opt for a trouser suit, especially for more formal weddings where there’s a real emphasis on style. If a trouser suit feels too directional, then Stine Goya offer beautiful, longer-length dresses in their signature patterns and colours – we especially love their use of periwinkle blue.

We’ve whizzed through the world of weddings to bring you the ultimate wedding guest guide. With a design-led wedding gift sorted and stylish outfit inspiration provided, there’s nothing else left to do except eagerly anticipated the big day, and then wait for that gushing thank you card to drop through your letterbox.

Piqued your interest? For more extra special wedding gift inspiration explore our collection of unique wedding gifts.

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