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Here at Trouva, one of the many benefits of working with over 400 independent boutiques is that we have access to a rich resource of shopkeepers who are also expert buyers and curators. Armed with their expert insights and our own research gathered across the year, we’ve created a guide to the trends we’re tipping for greatness in 2018. From bold, brash maximalism, to perfectly imperfect wabi-sabi, read our 2018 trend guide. Featuring design-led products, quotes from our community of boutique owners and expert insights, stay tuned as we delve deeper into these six trends over the course of January.


Interior styling and decor is embracing the maximalist movement for 2018. Seen as a reaction against the austerity of 2017 and Nordic minimalism, which has long reigned over interiors, maximalism is not for the faint-hearted. It means more colour, more texture and more fun, in contrast to minimalism which calls for less.

Maximalist interiors are characterised by a courageous clashing of colours and pattern: think wild wallpaper from Mind The Gap at Mink Interiors, tongue-in-cheek design like Jonathan Adler’s storage jar and eclectic, borderline bizarre objects like Seletti’s Hybrid Plate. Throw out the interior rule book and create spaces where these objects live harmoniously together. The beauty of maximalism lies in how the trend refuses to take itself seriously, shrugging off the shackles of rules in favour of an ‘anything goes’ attitude that we want to see more of in 2018.

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Line Drawings (or ‘things with faces on’)

Drawing influence from art and sculpture of the 20th century, figurative hand-drawn sketches and sculptures of the human form are no longer confined to canvas or stone. In fact, we’ve seen jewellery based on line drawings like A Weathered Penny’s Face Earrings, decorative objects like Rigby & Mac’s Visage Candlesticks and even a new range of vegan skincare called Austin Austin aptly decorated with characterful faces. Trouva boutique Charli has also collaborated with the acclaimed figurative artist Alexa Coe to create a range of signature knitwear featuring her stunning line drawings.

The trend for line drawings in design coincides with a renewed interest in the practice of life drawing, with Trouva boutique Bonds in Hackney even hosting a life drawing workshop with the ever in-demand Alexa Coe. The popularity of line drawings and an increased demand for life drawing classes paves the way for a creative year ahead, with more people swapping smartphones and keyboards for pen and paper.

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Life, as we all know, has its ups and downs. Instead of despairing at its imperfection, the Japanese art of wabi-sabi calls for us to embrace it. Originating from Japanese tea ceremonies in 15th century Japan, wabi-sabi finds beauty in impermanence and incompletion. The word wabi connotes rustic simplicity and quietness, while sabi alludes to the beauty or serenity that comes with age. United the words refer to an awareness of the transience of material objects and a celebration of objects that show the signs of this impermanence.

A refreshing move away from perfect showroom-style spaces, invite wabi sabi into your home with interior accessories and decorative items with a homespun quality and an imperfect finish. Ceramics are a perfect place to start as they are often handmade, creating a one-of-a-kind finished product complete with subtle imperfections: take this handmade matcha bowl from Tiosk in Hackney. If you’re after a softer swap, then tonal linen tablecloths and fabrics tap into the wabi-sabi wave as they look their best slightly crumpled and with a lived-in feel.

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A Far-fetched Colour Palette

Banish the January blues by embracing intense, warm tones; 2018’s colour palette is heating up. Pantone Colour Institute executive director Leatrice Eiseman forecasts a colour palette called ‘far-fetched’ comprised of warm, earthy hues such as red, brown and yellow blended with rosy tones. In her words this palette “reaches out and embraces many different cultures.”

When it comes to painting rooms, the study of the psychology of colour reveals that reddish hues can raise a room’s energy level and is usually considered to be over-stimulating in a bedroom but lends itself well to living rooms, hallways and dining rooms. If the thought of painting a room pillar box red makes you blush, then consider softer, earthen hues like burnt sienna and rust colours. Similarly, if painting a whole room feels like too much of a commitment then introduce coloured accents into your space with decorative objects and soft furnishings such as The Scandinavian Shop’s Lau Vase. 

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Air Plants

Building on the popularity of all things botanic, we’re seeing a blossoming demand for air plants. Not just beautiful, these plants come with health benefits; their air purifying qualities have been known to remove airborne chemicals that cause headaches and eye irritation. They make the perfect plant companions for urban dwellers and space-poor homes as they don’t take up floor space. By absorbing moisture and nutrients through their leaves from the air and the rain they don’t need soil or to be potted. As warm weather lovers (they originate from Central America) they can thrive indoors, especially in a bathroom,and take very little care, just a regular light mist of water

Our community of boutique owners have also handpicked a selection of design-led air plant holders to house your precious new plant, including the RoCo Diamond Mobile Kit from the Barbican shop.

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Statement Lampshades

No shade but it’s time to retire your old lampshades, 2018 calls for a new wave of bold, sculptural lampshades. It’s a simple swap but a design-led lampshade will make a real statement in your home. Whether it’s patterned paper, bold rattan or sculpted shapes, a statement shade can be a focal point for any space.

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