Tidings Of Festive Joy

Our Christmas campaign, titled Tis The Season To Be, focuses on the six emotions that we all experience at Christmas including the most festive of them all, joy. Focusing on Scandinavian design and hygge-worthy homewares, Blabar boutique is a perfect destination for those in search of festive products to spark joy. Read on to discover what joy means to the shopkeeper, Sandra, and how her Swedish background shapes her Christmas celebrations.

“Joy is being present in the moment and taking the time to enjoy and appreciate it. For me joy is sparked by laughter with people that mean a lot to me, eating good food and enjoying a drink, all with the knowledge that I have nowhere to be but there.

As I’m originally from Sweden, making my home ‘hygge’ is the first step to feeling joyful, it’s essential as you spend so much time at home during Christmas. Creating the right atmosphere is important, I start with a playlist full of Christmas hits, the smell of cinnamon and pine in the air, and something edible within arms’ reach. Then comes laying the dinner table which sets the scene for the most joyful festive moment: Christmas supper. Being Swedish, I take real pride in setting the table and I love finding unique and stylish products to decorate the table. Once friends and family arrive and the glögg (Swedish mulled wine) starts flowing, that’s when real joy kicks in. A joyful Christmas is about celebrating and being thankful for the friends, family and opportunities you have been given.”

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Eleanor Middleton

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