The Cult Beauty Brands To Know Now

Counter Culture presents Me, Myself and I for May 2018. We’re stepping behind the counters of our independent boutiques to bring you stories and inspiration around this month’s theme which explores the world of wellness.

Navigating the world of beauty can be tricky. With thousands of brands vying for your attention (and your £££) it can be difficult to find those beauty brands that deliver on quality but that not everyone has. From restorative skin tonics to one-of-a-kind fragrances, join us as we take the road less travelled to discover the cult beauty brands to know and buy into now. Each brand comes recommended by the independent shopkeepers who have tried and tested their products and scoured the globe to find them.

The brand: Milkwood

MIlkwood’s Rose Skin Tonic

Recommended product

Rose Otto Skin Tonic

What Alice from Forest says

“Milkwood’s candles are what first introduced us to the range, as they are fragranced with scents inspired by local hot spots around south east London, including Dulwich and Peckham. Milkwood’s entire product range, which extends to home scents as well as skincare, is handmade in England, suitable for vegans, not tested on animals and entirely natural. We love that they are consciously contributing to a more sustainable future.”

Reason to try this brand

All of the packaging is recyclable, and Milkwood will soon be offering re-fill barrels in store so you can top up your supply without wasting the beautiful glass bottles.

Top tip

The rose tonic also doubles up as an anti-inflammatory and can soothe skin complaints such as acne, sunburn and eczema.

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The brand: Grown Alchemist

Recommended product

Grown Alchemist Desert Lime Hydra Mist

What Jayson & Ryan from Workshop say

“After years of personally using Grown Alchemist products in our daily cleansing regimes, it seemed a natural step to start stocking the brand in our shop. We have always loved their products as they contain transformative ingredients such as natural collagen and elastin boosting actives which have the ability to hydrate, firm and regenerate skin cells.

Reason to try this brand

Many beauty brands claim ‘green’ credentials but the team at Grown Alchemist have revolutionised the approach to skincare through a balance of 100% nature and science.

Top tip

This hydrating mist can be used in the morning following cleansing or during the day over make-up for instant hydration boost.

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The brand: Frau Tonis

Recommended product

No.33 Vild Eau de Parfum

What Stefanie from Frau Tonis says

“Fragrance fanatics from all corners of the globe make the ‘pilgrimage’ to come and experience our perfumes and our shop in person. Everything from our pared-back, Bauhaus inspired packaging to the shop space itself is centred around letting the fragrances speak for themselves. Our aim is to create pure scents to inspire the wearer and evoke positive feelings and memories. Our perfume styles range from modern and classic, including “No.19 Oud Weiss” with notes of incense and bergamot as well as “No.18 Bogota Berlin” with figs, vetiver and pink pepper.”

Reason to try this brand

Frau Tonis is all about minimalism: their philosophy is ‘scent as inspiration’ letting their 36 artisanal perfumes made in Berlin take the spotlight.

Top tip

Described as a ‘statement’ scent, No.33 Vild is a unisex fragrance made from saffron and leather, complemented by thyme, raspberries and roasted aromas.

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The brand: Neighbourhood Botanicals

Recommended product

The Daily Glow

What Anna from Wick Candle Boutique says

“Our favourite brands here at Wick are the ones that look fantastic but also deliver on quality, and Neighbourhood Botanicals is no exception. The stand-out packaging has been designed by London-based illustrator Mason London, while the product is all natural, works beautifully and smells amazing. Neighbourhood Botanicals have several other facial oils too and just launched ‘Face Off’, an all natural oil to milk cleanser which we are very excited about. We love watching the brands we stock flourish.”

Reason to try this brand

The founder of Neighbourhood Botanicals Micaela Nisbet works as a sound engineer touring the globe with artists like Irish-born rapper Rejjie Snow, and it was her worldly travels and suffering skin that inspired her to start the brand.

Top tip

This light silky oil promotes daily restoration and brightening, serving up a fresh zingy hit of powerhouse botanicals making it the perfect morning serum to help wake up your face.

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The brand: Honest Skincare

Recommended product

Black Pepper & Lemongrass Hand Wash

What Heera from Minima says

“With a ‘less is more’ ethos, Honest Skincare prefer to use a few carefully chosen, natural ingredients as opposed to packing their products full of synthetic ingredients. With each product lovingly handmade they know exactly what goes in: 100% pure ingredients with powerful properties to take care of your skin.”

Reason to try this brand

Alongside their product range Honest have created a roster of beauty treatments, from nourishing facials to restorative full body massages, so that customers can experience their products in use.

Top tip

This aromatic hand wash is crafted using natural ingredients including black pepper which improves circulation and lemongrass which is known for its cleansing and anti-bacterial properties.

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Refresh, revitalise and rejuvenate your beauty regimen with even more beauty and fragrance brands from the best independent boutiques.

Have we missed any brands off the list? Let us know the beauty brands you swear by in the comments below.

Eleanor Middleton

5 thoughts on “The Cult Beauty Brands To Know Now”

  1. I visited Frau Tonis in Berlin a few weeks ago and completely fell in love. Their scents are so unique, the bottles are stunning and the shop itself is gorgeous – totally worth the trip!

  2. Love this. It’s always tricky to know which products to try from less well known brands. Adding neighbourhood botanicals to my wish list now, I need a dose of daily glow!

  3. I previously bought Honest Skincare products for a friend and after sampling them I’ve stocked up myself! They smell great and 100% natural is always a bonus.

  4. Earth Mother Soul Sister…I just ADORE this brand, and I’ve been slowly collecting more and more their products, the organic perfumes are exquisite …an authentic brand, certified organic too…so no green wash here!

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