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Concrete. Always there but never considered, it somehow became one of the most popular design trends to emerge last year. The trend wasn’t based around a particular pattern or colour, but rather a composite material usually found at building sites.

Since capturing the imagination of designers worldwide, concrete has been cast in all manner of forms. From table lamps to tiles, plates to plant pots, concrete has mounted an industrial invasion of homes across the country. Yet whilst people continue to enjoy juxtaposing concrete with foliage, colour, and soft furnishings in their homes, designers have started to pay attention to another material with roots in the building trade.


Kitchen with terrazzo countertop
Photo credit: Play Associates


Terrazzo, which could be described as concrete’s flamboyant cousin, is made from chips of coloured marble, granite or eco-friendly recycled glass set in concrete and polished to give a smooth surface. It was originally invented in the 15th century by Venetian builders who, inspired by ancient mosaics, set scrap marble in clay and sealed it with goat’s milk to achieve the now familiar speckled effect.



The beauty and durability that terrazzo offers have seen its popularity rise over the past years. It now finds form in settings as diverse as design-led restaurants and humble supermarkets, and whilst once relatively unknown, it is now primed for a revival in commercial and residential settings alike.

There’s no need to call the builders, however. The vast range of products now available in terrazzo finishes means that introducing this trend into to your home needn’t require an overhaul of your walls and floors. We have compiled a selection of terrazzo-inspired homewares and accessories that will add an instant hit of speckled style to any space.



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