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Cool, understated typography, dark chocolate and amber-hued bottles, sleek matte-gold incense tins: when it comes to branding it’s safe to say that Margate-based skincare company Haeckels, has certainly put their own spin on things. And the beauty of it all, is that Haeckels is so much more than skin deep.

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Haeckels, Margate, image courtesy Sam Scales

Set up in 2012 by film-maker Dom Bridges, Haeckels was born out of his disillusionment with the way large skin care companies produced their goods. A volunteer beach warden and coastal enthusiast, Bridges wanted the natural ingredients around him to shine. Therefore, he began by experimenting at home with local seaweed and botanicals that he had collected from along the Margate coast. After being encouraged out of the kitchen by his wife and into a lab nearby, he was able to develop further ingredients and products. Haeckels handcrafted, 100% natural products are the result.

Collecting seaweed on Margate beach. Image courtesy Sam Scales

A profound love of the ocean is at the heart of the brand’s identity and is central to its motto: from the ocean, for the ocean. Taking inspiration from the tradition of Thalassotherapy – from the Greek word thalassa meaning ‘sea’ – seaweed, ocean mud and marine minerals are used to treat ailments and revitalise the body and mind. Haeckels is one of only two license-holders that have permission to harvest seaweed locally, an act they carry out with the utmost care and pride. It forms the basis of all the products which are formulated and distilled in the lab.

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Haeckels Seaweed Facial Exfoliant and Seaweed Exfoliating Block

Haeckels also likes to give back to the local area. They do this by regularly participating in beach cleans and marine conservation surveys, which in turn helps them to educate their customers about the enduring benefits of taking care of the sea and the surrounding coastline. And if there was one way you could get involved with all of this it would be to invest in a Haeckels product.

Trouva team faves are the exfoliant blocks, which come in two sizes, (the smaller version is great for beginners!) and the powdered facial exfoliants. Both are crafted to rid you of dead skin and do so through their ground-mix of botanicals. The latter should be mixed with the Sea Buckthorn Facial Cleanser for best results. Enjoy. 

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