The Power of Incense

In an increasingly hectic world, it’s important to take the time to sit and…breathe. And yet as the excuses pile up and we become more embroiled in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it can be hard to find the time. But what if there were a quick-fix solution; a way to recalibrate in just a few minutes? 


Trouva boutique AIDA are experts on incense, and firm believers in the calming properties of home fragrance. The team carefully choose each scent they sell, knowing that customers to the Shoreditch boutique are always interested in taking (or making) the time to unwind. 


We are always on, constantly bombarded by notifications, adverts, and general visual and sound pollution,” says assistant buyer Rhianna. “For me, it is important to try to have some sort of gap when you can listen to your own thoughts – then you can focus on what you want to spend your time on in a more mindful way.”



Could incense be the perfect remedy? For Rhianna, lighting incense in her home is a signal that it’s time to unwind; that the stresses of the day are behind her. “The time to use incense usually happens after one of ‘those days’ – the ones when you are highly strung, get squashed on the bus, wet shoes on the rain… This is remedied by a ten minute time to close my eyes and relax.”


Indeed, the soothing powers of incense are well-documented. Often used as an accompaniment to meditation or yoga, incense promotes the act of breathing deeply and slowly, which in turn slows your heart rate and relaxes your mind. Even a short break from the over-stimulation of everyday life – be it at work or at home – can have immensely restorative properties.


The latest addition to the AIDA incense family – Japanese brand Hibi – is a great way to indulge in a brief moment of calm. Their pint-sized incense sticks are easily lit and provide a ten-minute hit of rejuvenating fragrance, whether you prefer the clarifying scent of tea tree, a burst of lemongrass, or calming notes of ylang ylang. As the incense match burns, it fills the room with a soothing scent, designed to calm and comfort a busy mind.



Though AIDA has only recently started selling Hibi products, Rhianna remarks that they have been hugely popular. “I think it is a combination of people trying to take a little more care of their wellbeing and also they are a small cost that you can justify. Something like a ten minute relax is achievable if you can’t make that yoga class or splurge on a massage.”


Whether you’ve spent the day rushing from A to B and back to A again, or have a to-do list as long as your arm, incense offers an ideal way to rejuvenate. By taking as little as ten minutes of “me time”, you can return to the world feeling clear-minded, focused, and thoroughly restored.


AIDA is a multi-concept store that reflects the creativity and vibrancy of Shoreditch. They are careful to source brands that are as passionate as they are – from their clothing to their coffee, each item is chosen for its effortless style, high-quality materials, and strong philosophy. Explore their products here.

Kate Richmond

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