6 Ways to Bring Paris Style Into Your Home


From their laid-back glamour to their air of insouciance, there’s no denying that the French have that special something when it comes to style. In the interiors arena, things are no different – beautifully decorated apartments filled with unique homewares are everywhere in Paris, from the trendy 11th arrondissement through to the bobo left bank. Here are our top tips for bringing Paris style into your home.

Paris style cane wardrobe
Wicker and cane are this year’s hottest natural materials.

1. Go au naturel

Paris apartments are known for their ubiquitous parquet flooring, but before you go ripping up your carpets hear us out. Adding natural materials in your furniture and room decor will give a similar effect, without the permanency (or the cost). Cane planters and mirrors will add a touch of retro style, while a rattan side table or stool will lend an air of boho nonchalance to any space. Still got last summer’s basket bag in your wardrobe? Get it out on display, French girl style.

2. Get some space

Not blessed with high Haussmannian ceilings and enviably large windows? Not to worry. Give your walls an extra few inches by painting them a bright off-white or dusty pastel shade – anything darker will close a room in. Add an oversized mirror to create the impression of extra space and a globe lamp or two et voilà, you’ve got yourself a lighter, more airy abode.

Red prints
A few Hotel Magique prints will add a hit of French girl style to any room.

3. Add a splash of scarlet

Fashion can provide great interiors inspiration, and what’s more Parisian than a statement red lip? Just as a swipe or two of rouge will add glamour to any outfit, some carefully placed red homewares will provide a sense of grown-up playfulness that is inherent to French style. Less is more when it comes to such a bold hue – try this Hotel Magique print with a splash of scarlet or some crimson velvet cushions and proceed onward from there.

4. Show some shelf love

If you think you’ve mastered the art of the shelfie, then think again. Paris home decor hinges on perfectly curated shelves, with a carefully considered mix of books, art and trinkets all coming together to paint a very personal picture of the apartment owner. Our favourite recipe takes a few well-thumbed paperbacks, a couple of postcard prints like this Tiny Stories watercolour, and some coloured glass vases – perfect for holding a bouquet of dried flowers, one of 2019’s most covetable trends.

Eclectic Paris style interiors
Effortless eclecticism is the name of the game in Parisian interiors.

5. Embrace the eclectic

Parisians didn’t invent mix-and-match style, but given their interiors aesthetic they may as well have. The most beautiful Paris apartments effortlessly mix old and new, whether by setting flea market finds alongside Scandi furniture or by popping modernist prints in vintage frames. If you can’t get your hands on the real deal, many brands make convincing vintage-inspired homewares that will make great conversation starters – we love these ‘70s style bowls and double-sided printed cushions by Danish brand HK Living.

6. Step outside, Paris style

Who hasn’t dreamt of sitting on a sunny Parisian balcony, espresso in hand, whiling away a Sunday morning? While a drizzly back garden mightn’t have quite the same appeal, there’s no harm in showing it some French style TLC. Add some quaint, wrought iron furniture and a few hanging planters (we love this woven design from Madam Stoltz) and you’re halfway there. In warmer months adding some wicker lanterns will add a cosy glow to your summer soirées.

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