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Award-winning journalist and interiors blogger Kate Watson-Smyth (a.k.a. Mad About the House) has been extolling the virtues of shopping independent in her latest article, “Trouva: Shop Local Online”.

“As the internet becomes ever bigger, a small, but growing, backlash against the dominance of virtual giants has begun. The High Street is finally fighting back… But it’s a slow process. Many shops in small towns don’t receive more than a few customers each day… And who knows how many of them go into the store, have a browse and then go home and buy it [elsewhere] online. Well, now there is a solution. Now you can shop local online and know that you are supporting a small business, preserving a high street and helping local communities to thrive. It’s called Trouva and I think it’s a genius idea.”

Mad About the House loft styled with Trouva products
Photo credit: Mad About the House. Styled using Nordal mugs from The Restoration, HK Living cushions and Hubsch jar from T&Shop, Kaymet tray from Indish, Serax plate from Dotty Home.


For the piece, Kate used a selection of Trouva products to style her loft space. She writes,“there are currently more than 400 stores signed up to Trouva and the breadth of product is amazing. One of the things I have enjoyed is discovering how many brands you can find on there that you might already be familiar with. It’s rapidly becoming the first place I turn to when I want to buy something because there’s a really good chance I will find it there first and can then boost the whole retail as personal therapy notion by knowing that I’ve supported a small business.”

Read Kate’s thoughts on how Trouva is helping boutiques fight back against retail giants here.

Feature image by Megan Taylor

Kate Richmond

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