Keep Calm, It’s Christmas

Our Christmas campaign, titled ‘Tis The Season To Be… focuses on the six emotions that we all experience at Christmas. Cool, calm and collected defines the atmosphere and the product range at Life Story boutique in Edinburgh. We asked the founder Susan to share her essential ingredients that make for a calming Christmas.

“Calm for me is peace and stillness, probably in equal measure. I am not a natural at Christmas, I really have to work at it. So for me it’s all about trying to have preparations and plans in place so that when those few days do come around it can actually be a calm time. It’s all about spending time with loved ones and I’m really lucky to be able to do that. I enjoy the wrapping of final gifts the night before, sleeping in, going for long walks or relaxing by toasty fire – winding down and enjoying the peace and quiet. As a shopkeeper and business owner, Christmas Day is truly the only day of the year when I fully switch off and I intend to fully embrace it this year; with candles lit from morning, bubbles chilled for later on and a chance to reflect on the year as it draws to a close.

One of my Christmas earliest memories is of my mother preparing Christmas cakes and puddings in advance of the festive season. It always seemed to be so far in advance; I know time moves at a different pace when you’re a child but even so I used to think this was months prior! She mixed everything by hand and the smell in the kitchen was incredible when they went into the oven, I can recall the aroma now just writing this. Once cooled they were wrapped in tinfoil and stored almost out of sight for what seemed like forever. Finally they would be unwrapped, and iced. We applied the little Santa and snowmen decorations that were in hibernation for a year and then it really felt like Christmas was coming.”

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Eleanor Middleton

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