Our Independent Canine Community

At Trouva we work with over 350 of the best independent boutiques from across the UK. As well as being master curators, business owners and all round creative people, many of our shopkeepers are proud owners to a variety of dogs, from dalmatians to dachshunds and everything in between. Meet the shop dogs from our independent boutique community and watch this space for our soon-to-be launched, dog-dedicated Instagram celebrating our canine community.

Three men, two women and a grey dog standing in the doorway of an independent shop
The team at Bonds in Hackney
A woman and her two dogs outside her independent shop
Pip & Puffin from Wyld Home in Shrewsbury
Two dogs and two women outside a lemon yellow shop in Columbia Road
Hiro & Wolf from Artisans & Adventurers on Columbia Road, East London
A black and white dog outside a grey shop front
Louis from Dowse in Brighton
A small sausage dog running through an independent shop
Gatsby from Rachel Usher in Yorkshire
Brown and black dog in an independent shop surrounded by homewares
Howie from Resident Store in Somerset
A labrador and woman standing behind a shop counter
Luna from The Hambledon in Winchester
A black and white dog at home in Life Story boutique
Rufus from Life Story in Edinburgh
Ozzy the dog in an independent shop
Ozzy from Room 356 in Bolton
Otto the dog outside his shop front
Otto from Otto Trading in Acton, West London
Tilly the shop dog from Scandi Living asleep in her bed
Tilly from Scandi Living
Polly outside her independent shop with her dog
Polly from Object Style in Manchester
Eleanor Middleton

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