How To Decorate Small Spaces

In an increasingly crowded world, make the most of your home (no matter how small) with space saving tips from three of our expert boutique owners.

Margate based Etcetera is home to carefully edited homewares, lifestyle products as well as beautiful plants from the UK, Europe and beyond. Interior experts and the boutique owners owners, Shelly and Sean, share their tips for making the most of small spaces.


“Modular furniture and shelving is key to keeping storage to minimal space usage. Also movable furniture like trolleys, which can be moved to accommodate more space in certain areas when required, are a good idea.

Try not to use carpet or curtains as this draws the room in, instead opt for streamlined blinds and woven rugs on natural wooden or boarded floors to open up the room.

Accessorise with products like throws and cushions over sofas or chairs to add decoration in different colours and textures. Air purifying plants in hanging macrame planters, as these do not take up any floor space. 

Light is key to creating the illusion of more space but use wall lights not floor lights to take up less room. Mirrored pendant lamp shades, like the Tom Dixon copper spherical pendant lamp, are especially good as they reflect almost a 360 degree view of the room.

To make the most of the space in our boutique we use the string shelving system for display in the shop, as we do not have much actual wall space, along with trolleys that can be moved with the seasons displays which are really useful.”


  1. Large Knotted Hanging Plant Pot Holder
  2. Mohair Wool Melange Throw
  3. Design Letters Wall Shelf

Mink Interiors

Mink Interiors showcases curated collection of some of the best modern interiors products from the around the globe from independent designers and makers, to leading and established design brands. An interior design and styling studio as well as a boutique, Charlotte, one of the owners, is perfectly placed to advise on how to decorate small spaces.


In a small room, think about using all your surface areas; the less you have on the floor the bigger the room will feel. Select furniture with legs to create a sense of space or open-framed metal, wire or rattan chairs and glass furniture to allow the light to pass through.

A plain wall will have instant visual impact when decorated with a large display of framed art prints, the glass from the frames will bounce light around the room giving the illusion of more space and more light.

Adding a shelf light (like our 90 degrees lights) looks great fitted on the wall at mid-height and displayed with a mix of framed art prints. The shelf light is also great space saving choice and alternative to a beside table and separate lamp

The layout and aesthetic of our boutique is constantly changing and evolving. The boutique space itself is quite compact and we’ve designed clever storage systems that save space for storing stock which also doubles-up as flexible platforms to showcase our products. Where possible we prefer to create more of room-set experience, showing shoppers how the product could be used in their own home rather than the traditional method of multiple items stacked on shelves.


  1. Luxe Brass Wall Lamp
  2. Stoneware Hanging Planter
  3. Chevron Rattan Baskets
  4. Green Home 01 Print


Set in the heart of York, Snowhome is a design shop dedicated to sourcing practical products with integrity and character. The owner Angus shares his take on maximising space both at home and in his boutique.


“Decluttering is an important step when thinking about the layout of a small space. Focus on unacquiring rather than acquiring and make sure everything you keep has a purpose, function and place so as not to fill the space unnecessarily.

Invest in dual-function, multi purpose pieces, for example the Embrace Storage Unit can be separated into two low tables and can be used as a laptop tray. This is especially important when space is limited and you need objects that are functional, practical and still decorative.

In our own shop, everything from the floor to the cabinets are available for purchase. I designed the cabinets myself which are part of the shop fit along with the resin and pebble flooring, both of which are for sale. By doing this we are maximising sales potential and not filling our space with display only items. It’s so important to have an uncluttered shop as this allows each piece to be seen and appreciated individually by shoppers.”


  1. 45 Ply Light
  2. Karlsson Classic Wall Clock
  3. Embrace Storage Unit

Discover our edit of space-saving design sourced by our boutique owners here.


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