Five Minute Moment – Thoughts On Festive Generosity

Giving generously at Christmas is something that’s expected from all of us. But it’s not always about the amount of gifts you give. To celebrate the launch of our Christmas campaign, ‘Tis The Season To Be…’ and to cast a light over one of our six festive emotions, we spoke with Peter from Trouva boutique Ross & Brown about what being generous at Christmas time means to him.


“During the festive period, we can all get a bit wrapped up in the exchanging of gifts and sometimes it’s out of obligation, which means it’s not really generosity. I don’t believe in Christmas lists. They offer no possibility for surprise and mean you’re really just doing someone else’s shopping for them. To me, buying a present requires a lot of thought – it really makes you realise how well you know someone and what sort of relationship you share. I just love that moment when you see something in a shop and you instantly remark ‘ooooh, isn’t that nice! I already know who would really like this.’ I think generosity is not about quantity and price either, it’s about consideration, effort and time. Which leads me on to the other kind of generosity which is altruism, no better time to give a little bit of yourself to others less well-off and vulnerable in our communities. I believe true generosity is an unprompted gesture of empathy. It’s innate in all of us, but sometimes a little hidden. We have a natural capacity for generosity, all we need is an opportunity to show it!”


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Jen Hore

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