Celebrating Our Boutique Community

On Wednesday night, our creative community of boutique owners descended on Trouva HQ in London for our annual summer party. Full of anticipation for the night ahead, our guests were welcomed into a relaxed and atmospheric setting with eucalyptus and tealights lining the window sills. As the prosecco and canapes circulated, conversations flowed. New and familiar faces introduced themselves, with talk turning to shared Trouva experiences.

Entrance hall at Trouva HQ.
Awaiting the arrival of our boutique owners.

“Trouva has completely changed online retail for us. We relied on footfall before we joined, with our own website generating little traffic. Due to the number of sales we make through Trouva, we’ve recently had to move our packaging facilities off site to accommodate for the extra space needed.” Lucy from The Scandinavian Shop.

Lucy Ward from Trouva sits on a sofa chatting to Lucy and Heidi from Little Paperie.
Trouva’s Creative Director Lucy Ward chats to Lucy and Heidi from Little Paperie.
Guests milling at Trouva HQ, introducing themselves and sharing stories.
Guests enjoying the relaxed atmosphere at Trouva HQ.
Guests sharing stories over a glass of wine.

The evening began with an exciting update from the management team at Trouva. They outlined our recent achievements and the key developments which will be taking place over the next few months. George, the Head of Tech revealed our ambitious plans to improve the experience on Trouva with the aim of closer aligning the online and offline shopping experience. Underpinning all of the updates from the team was the importance of a strong and collaborative relationship between the Trouva team and our boutique community. The beauty of our annual event is that it is a chance to strengthen these relationships.

The boutique owners are watching Trouva Co-founder Mandeep Singh doing a presentation on the company's key achievements and plans for the future.
Trouva Co-founder, Mandeep Singh shares our recent achievements and key plans for the future with our community.

“I truly believe in Trouva, its ambitions and its values. It is exciting to be a part of such a young company who are working with us to support our high streets.’ Richard from Carnill & Company.

An image showing delicious canapes being prepared at Trouva.
Delicious canapes being prepared.

After more canapes had been handed round and with bottles of beer courtesy of Freedom Brewery in hand, we welcomed Eva Pascoe onto the stage to talk about retail trends. An industry expert, Eva has had an illustrious career founding the world’s first internet café and working with some of the largest high street brands including Topshop. It was an honour to listen to Eva’s inspiring and entertaining speech focused on the future of the retail landscape and how independents can benefit:

“We’re seeing a collapse of trust in big brands. This presents an opportunity for independent bricks-and-mortar boutiques who can offer authenticity and buying truth.”

Guest speaker Eva Pascoe standing in front of guests during her talk on the Future of Retail
Guest speaker Eva Pascoe giving an inspiring talk on the Future of Retail.

With the excitement building, it was finally time to announce the eagerly-awaited Trouva Boutique Awards, hosted by our Community Manager, Izzy. With an ever growing community of fantastic boutiques, the standard was incredibly high this year. We’d like to offer our congratulations to all of our nominees and winners who were selected for their stunning range of products, their engagement, excellent customer service and quick response to orders. Alongside an award to be displayed in their shops the winners will also receive a complimentary day of consultation with retail expert, Eva.

Two guests stand next to the prosecco bar smiling at the camera.
Happy guests enjoying the evening.

Gifts and Lifestyle:

The nominees were Resident Store, Darling & Gold, Oklahoma, After Noah, &Hobbs and Forest. Congratulations to the winners Oklahoma.

Yaw from Oklahoma showing off his award for the best Gifts and Lifestyle award
Yaw from Oklahoma, winner of the best Gifts and Lifestyle Boutique award.


Nominated were Homage, Design Vintage, The Living Lounge, Printer & Tailor and A New Tribe. Well done to the winners, Homage.

Mark and Liza from Homage, winners of the best Homewares boutique
Mark and Liza from Homage show off their award for the the best Homewares Boutique.

Boutique of the Year:

The nominees were PAD Lifestyle, T&shop, Life Story, Wyld Home and The Scandinavian Shop. The Trouva Boutique of the Year 2017 is The Scandinavian Shop.

Winners of the Trouva Boutique of the Year 2017 from the Scandinavian shop show off their award
Lucy and her daughter from The Scandinavian Shop, the Trouva Boutique of the Year 2017.

Other categories included the best kids boutique which was won by the Little Natural Co., the best womenswear boutique won by Maze, boutique engagement won by Room356, best menswear boutique won by Burrows & Hare and the best design boutique which was won by Coastal Scandi.

An image of all of the Trouva award winners of 2017
All our 2017 Trouva award winners.

Thank you to all our attendees who travelled from far and wide to share this special evening with us. Without your dedication and hard work we wouldn’t be where we are today. Here’s to the next few months. We look forward to welcoming our community next year to celebrate our achievements, hopefully alongside some new faces. In the words of Eva Pascoe, ‘be positive, there’s everything to play for’.

The entrance hall at Trouva which is filled with Trouva tote bags which were handed to guests as they left
The entrance at Trouva HQ, filled with tote bags which were handed out to guests as they left.

Thank you to Freedom Brewery for the beer, to FunThyme for the delicious food and to Forest for the beautiful flower arrangements.

Hannah Hardy

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