An Ode To Eastern Biological

Wanting to explore a new angle to tell the story of Eastern Biological, we thought that poetry, with its rhythms and rhymes, would be a great tool to express the unique character of Eastern Biological, a lifestyle boutique inspired by natural history and the desire to ignite imaginations.

Voyage of discovery

Down the road from Hackney Farm
Is a place where curious creatures roam
From wilder spots around the globe

Instead of donkeys there are dinosaurs
And jungle plants all up the walls
Beetles scuttle from the crannies and nooks
Across the table of paper books
A chameleon loves to entertain –
With a flick of an eye, his colours change
Instead of ducks, flamingos wade and

Wait one moment

At the back of the room, a tiny door
Leading down to a second floor
Instead of green here all is blue
Swim forward and creatures move
Fish scatter between the coral
And rocks covered in ancient fossils
Wales dive back into the deep
And dolphins swim up and meet
The waves of intrepid explorers

Reach for the puzzles and games
Full of animal shapes and names
Models of the human heart
To teach young children how all the parts
Of us and them – our leaves, hands, paws, fins and feathers
Fit into history,
And slot together


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