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Welcome to the first issue of Counter Culture titled Me, Myself and I. We’re stepping behind the counters of the best independent boutiques to bring you stories and inspiration around this month’s theme exploring the world of wellness.

Welcome to The Method – a lifestyle store and treatment space located in the bustling heart of Edinburgh, focused solely on de-stressing your life. Owners Dan and Jodi have created an oasis in a busy city, with every element of the shop designed to ensure you take time to think about yourself. Leave your anxieties at the door and step into The Method.

The treatment room at The Method

From the moment you enter the shop to the time you finally leave (trust us, you’ll want to stick around), visitors are bathed in a warming and calm atmosphere, thanks to beautifully fragranced smokeless incense and a peaceful hum of music filling the space.

The shop counter at The Method

Dan and Jodi are dedicated to promoting a holistic way of living: “We have created a space that gives people a chance to explore the holistic lifestyle in a modern and easily accessible way. Some people wish to take ‘The Method Ayurvedic Journey’, a 150-minute energy treatment, to achieve an inner balance. Others prefer to take the routine of their daily skincare as their ‘me’ time. However you choose to take a moment to yourself to decompress, we have something for you.”

Shelves stocked with small batch skincare and handcrafted homewares
A cool colour palette comprised of soft tones
A stunning detail from the treatment space in the shop

Whether customers are there for a treatment or simply to browse, the layout of the store has been designed to sooth the eye and invite you to touch, smell and feel. As for the treatment floor, “clients descend into a space that uses materials such as pale concrete tiles and limed oak to relax your mind and prepare you for your treatment. The temperature is kept to a warm level and the lighting soft and low. The treatment room has a wall of floating candles to sooth you into the state of the art bed. Some of the treatments, such as the The Method Body Glow Renewal, require you to shower so we have a wet room where you can move effortlessly between the shower and changing area. The calm, cocoon-like atmosphere means when you return to the real world of the store level, you feel like you have emerged a new person.”

The treatment room features a wall of lit candles for ultimate relaxation
Details from the wet room in the treatment space

From skincare products to homewares, Dan and Jodi “look for products that make you slow down and appreciate the rituals of life. These daily routines help us maintain balance and wellbeing, both mental and physical. The process is as important as the outcome.”

Haeckels skincare products, all made in Margate
Discover a selection of handmade, pared-back homewares

The Method do not consider their products as beauty products, preferring to sell products that contribute to overall health and wellbeing. Choosing only to stock small batch skincare companies with a policy of using ingredients from nature means that each product will nourish, restore and revive in a entirely natural way.

All the products stocked at The Method emphasise simplicity and quality

“We can’t recommend the Sans [ceuticals] Pink Clay and Green Clay cleansing bars enough. These handcrafted cleansing bars are made from the highest quality ingredients. Both bars contain Manuka honey, an anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredient that soothes and heals inflamed skin making it excellent for eczema-prone skin. The antibacterial compounds in Manuka honey, called “inhibies,” continue working even after removal of the honey. Both bars contain probiotics that help rebuild a healthy ecosystem in the skin; probiotics also strengthen the skin’s barrier function, this is what protects against water loss, external pollutants and microorganisms.”

The ever-popular Wild & Wood concrete bowl is treated with beeswax which gives it a smooth finish

Whether you experience The Method in person or simply shop their serene selection of products online, we guarantee your mind, body and soul will thank you for it.

What are your favourite wellness destinations? Let us know in the comments below.

Jen Hore

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  1. This place looks like my idea of heaven right now!! I can feel the calmness coming though in the photos – if only I could transport myself to Edinburgh! Might have to make do with shopping for some of the products, which look fabulous too 👌

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