A Guide to ’70s Interior Trends

It’s the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love and 1970’s interior style is making a comeback. Recently we have noticed a new wave of wall hangings, shag pile rugs and peacock chairs to boot. But what has caused the decor of the hippy era to reappear? It seems that with every resurging trend, there is more to it than interior designers picking from the history books.

2017 has been a year of political uncertainty, that has matched that same feeling of the seventies. This instability coupled with a renewed interest in politics is playing a key part in the ’70s revival. 2017 also marks the 50th anniversary of the Summer of Love, a social phenomenon in 1967 that saw over 100,000 hippies (or ‘flower children’) gathering in a San Francisco neighbourhood. Many of them were against the Vietnam war and the government, while others were just there for music and to be a part of what was a well publicised event.

In times of uncertainty it’s common for people to look back and seek comfort in nostalgia. This is particularly significant with the 1970’s as it was a time when people were rallying together in the face of power and living freely. This nostalgia can be seen in the interior trends making a resurgence; the soft velvet, the comfy wide backed chairs and the warm yellow and orange hues.

We have handpicked the best of the trends from the ‘70s to work well in a contemporary, 2017 home.

An image of coloured 1970's style glass bottles
Use glassware to add a pop of ’70s colour

Whether it’s the warm gold and yellows or the bold jewel hues, the ’70s focuses on opulent colour.. Use sparingly with soft furnishings or glassware to give your home some statement colour without overwhelming the space.

Emily, from Trouva boutique T&Shop, recommends “plants, everywhere. Hanging planters are really popular, whether ceramic or woven, and they add a laid back ’70s feel.”

A burnt orange hanging planter with plant
Hanging planters are a perfect solution for a small space

While orange hues work well with creamy textiles and natural materials, if you’re seeking a bolder look, then take inspiration from a jewel colour palette. These rich hues are guaranteed to add a statement to your space, and go hand in hand with the pastels that have seen a stylish resurgence in the last few years. Plush textiles like velvet work really well with these tones and add a softness to your space.

An image of a green velvet pouf
Plush textiles like velvet add a softness to a space

Textiles and pattern were a central part of ’70s interior style which was dominated by mismatched, contrasting textures, pattern and shapes. Play around with a combination of coloured cushions on your sofa or bed paired with a woven neutral throw to create the lived in chic of the ‘70s interior. During the 1970’s rugs weren’t just resigned to the floor but hung on walls, becoming works of art in themselves. According to Emily from T&Shop the popularity of these textiles during this time can be attributed to the fact that people were travelling around a lot more, which meant ethnic treasures were abundant. This can definitely be seen in the rise of hand made Moroccan rugs, often layered up to make the most of the texture and pattern they offer.

Layered Moroccan rugs add a new pattern
Layering up rugs creates new patterns and textures

“What I love most about this trend is the use of natural elements; cork, wooden floors & cane furniture.” says Emily from T&Shop. Invest in a single statement piece of furniture in a signature shape for this trend, as anymore than this can easily look too theatrical. A hanging chair or a rattan side table make a statement while working in harmony with contemporary designs and interiors.

An image of a hanging bamboo chair
A hanging chair is an investment piece for the 1970s trend

If you aren’t ready for an investment piece, try a macrame wall hanging as a way to introduce natural materials into your space. No longer just for craft fairs, macrame is coming back in style and adding a handmade touch to your space harks back to the nostalgia of a time before mass production and the crafting era of the 1970’s.

Macrame wall hangings in 1970's style
Macrame is a nod to the crafting era of the 1970’s

Echoing these warm tones is the rise of brass as the metallic of the moment. A metal with a raw, earthy quality, brass is everywhere from light fixtures to vases. Whether you want statement lampshade or a few details to accentuate your existing look, brass adds a touch of vintage style to your space.

A statement pineapple tree brass lamp
Add statement brass accessories to achieve a 1970’s look

If you want to discover more of the 1970’s interior trend, explore our ‘70s Interior Trends’ board on Pinterest for inspiration and advice. Shop the look with our Trend Edit on Trouva.

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