A Few Words on Forest

Filled with houseplants, pots and homewares, the shop floor of Forest in Deptford is a beautiful space, focused on the experiential aspect of the retail environment. To honour the work of its dedicated team and to continue our independent boutique anthology, we have crafted a poem celebrating the beauty of houseplants, their calming impact and the serenity of Forest’s shop space.

Hanging house plants and botanic inspiration
Forest‘s shop space in Deptford, London

Hang them from the ceiling
like chatter over dinner or
lanterns over lawns,
let them run along the window sill like children
across walls.
Stuff them into planters and
post in quiet corners or
perch in glass vases
and invite them to tea.

Peel back the windows,
let the outside in:
an interior filled with plants
brings serenity, pure joy.

Shop owner of Forest in Dulwich standing outside
Fran, the founder of Forest

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