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As the curtain closes on 2018, we’re dusting off our crystal ball to bring you our interior trend predictions for 2019. From faux plants flourishing to terracotta taking over, our 2019 Trend Guide gives you a glimpse into the future of interiors for the year ahead.

Faux Plants And Dried Flowers

Are we faux real? Absolutely. The blossoming botanic trend shows no sign of abating and we predict that faux plants and flowers will be the latest development in this seemingly evergreen trend. For a long time, faux plants and flowers were looked on as a major interior faux pas but thanks to advances in materials and production methods, it’s now impossible to tell the difference between real and fake.

Lush green plants, cacti and bold blooms have very much been the fashion but we’re seeing bunches of dried flowers and plants flying off the shelves of our independent boutiques. Shoppers are reaching for bunches of dried pampas grass and fragrant lavender for a softer, more organic look. Forget low maintenance, dried flowers are no maintenance, making them the ideal floral companion for the time-poor among us.

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Circular Silhouettes

For a long time, design has been synonymous with sharp, angular lines, thanks to the popularity of Scandinavian minimalism, but for 2019 we’re seeing lines bending and curving to create softer silhouettes. Starting with architecture, interior design and furniture, we’re now seeing shelves, mirrors, vases going circular, bringing with it retro modern feel.

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Tassels And Fringing

A development on the maximalist movement that made major waves in 2018, we’re seeing that more is more when it comes fringing and tassels. Once resigned to soft furnishings, we’re seeing lamps, wall hangings and even mirrors finished with all the trimmings. Danish brand Madam Stoltz have pioneered the tassel and fringe movement with their iconic collection of fringed table lamps.

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Tiring of the cold, industrial look of concrete? Meet terracotta, concrete’s hot cousin, here to steal our hearts. Translated from Italian terracotta literally means ‘baked earth’ and it is terracotta’s warming, welcoming qualities that work so well in the home. Typically thought of as a material for plant pots, designers like Serax are experimenting with terracotta, creating a lampshade cast in terracotta.

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New Neutrals

With Dulux tipping spiced honey as their colour of 2019, it’s time to say goodbye grey and bonjour to beige – neutral colours are heating up. The preferred neutral shades of 2018 have been cool tones like grey, black and white. The shift from cool to warm reflects a general change in mood with people favouring the warmth and cosiness that these new neutrals can bring to a space.

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From Blue Planet’s groundbreaking exposé of single use plastic pollution to the introduction of the latte levy, 2018 was the year of sustainability. In 2019, we’ll see a more conscious approach to shopping, with people living by the ‘buy less, buy better’ mantra and spending more on quality products that have been produced sustainably.

It’s no secret that independents are light years ahead of the chains in promoting conscious consumerism. Sustainable Trouva boutiques Freyr And Fell in Hampshire, Yume in Copenhagen and Salt Water in Amsterdam all exist to encourage more thoughtful consumption.

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If you’re keen to hear more about our predictions for 2019,  stay tuned in January as we explore the new year’s trends in more detail.

How accurate is our crystal ball? Take a look at our 2018 Trend Guide to see which of our predictions came true.

Eleanor Middleton

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