2018 Trend Guide: Line Drawings

As part of our 2018 trend guide we’re delving deeper into the six trends we’re backing for greatness this year. The line drawings trend, or ‘things with faces on’, has influenced everything from jewellery, to beauty, to fashion.

21st century design is drawing influence from the great modernist artists and sculptors of the 20th century (think Henri Matisse, Constantin Brancusi and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska) for a new wave of objects inspired by line drawings.

The common thread between the work of these artists is a focus on the human form. Take Brancusi for example, who is most famous for his delicate figurative sculptures that breathe life into cold, hard stone transforming it into warm, supple flesh. You can clearly see the influence of Brancusi’s 1910 sculpture ‘The Sleeping Muse’ on Trouva boutique, A Weathered Penny’s best-selling face earrings.

We spoke to Susannah, a trained artist and owner of Trouva boutique Dowse, to hear her take on the trend and how she created her recent figurative series of prints.

Susannah from Dowse in Brighton

“In trend terms I think it’s come from recent renewed appreciation of Matisse. Initially it was his foliage and pattern-making that was really influencing creatives, and now there’s been an interest in the figurative aspects of his work and the simple fluid movement in these figures. A more pared-down and simplified version of these figures seems a natural complement to the botanical and geometric trends that have preceded them.

My art training started with life drawing and a simple line and silhouette has underpinned all of my work since. Even in my more geometric work the line is always the important thing. Creating a simple line drawing where composition is key is a satisfying exercise as an artist. Returning to this practise and emphasising the fluidity and simplicity of line is a refreshing thing to do.”

Come face-to-face with a selection of our favourite things with faces on.

Eleanor Middleton

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