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      Weaver Green

      Nomad Patara Rug

      From Luma in London, United Kingdom
        Weaver Green Nomad Patara RugWeaver Green Nomad Patara RugWeaver Green Nomad Patara Rug

      This red Kilim rug comes in a range of sizes from small bathroom rugs all the way up to our 3 metre living room rugs and a great selection of runner rug and stair carpet sizes. 
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      Size:150cm x 90cm

      Material: recycled plastic bottles

      Care: hoover loose debris (we recommend to use a lower suction setting without the brush function) then either hand wash using a light detergent, or smaller rugs up to the size 180cm x 120cm can also be machine washed at home in a domestic sized drum at 30 degrees, using a non – biological washing detergent. For larger rugs, 240cm x 170cm and 300cm x 250cm they can easily be washed in a commercial sized drum at your local launderette under the same temperature settings, or taken outside and hand washed and hosed down. Our rugs come out of the machine virtually dry, so simply allow to air dry naturally on your line. Do not dry clean or tumble dry.

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      Weaver Green

      Nomad Patara Rug

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      Direct from an independent boutique:
      Luma in London, United Kingdom

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