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Stone Mug Set of 6 Mugs

    Urban Nature Culture Stone Mug Set of 6 MugsUrban Nature Culture Stone Mug Set of 6 Mugs

In this mug made of green and organic stone, your coffee and tea taste twice as good and bring you into a good mood for the day.

Dimensions: Diameter: 7.5cm. Height: 7.4cm.

Set of 6 Stone Mugs, green

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This Amsterdam-based brand was founded by Anna Marie Hermans, who has been travelling the globe, scouring it for fantastic finds, since she was 19 years old. Today, this unique homeware brand works with talented craftspeople and authentic suppliers all over the world to bring eclectic and covetable pieces to homes everywhere. Urban Culture Nature are dedicated to sustainability too, working its principles into their supply chain wherever possible and keeping that chain transparent in order to accentuate that their best intentions are at their heart. The brand’s homeware pieces combine a contemporary finish with a rustic edge, for a timeless and universal appeal.

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Width: 7.5cm


Height: 7.4cm

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Stone Mug Set of 6 Mugs

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