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The Therapy Game

Designed by
The School of Life
    The School of Life The Therapy GameThe School of Life The Therapy GameThe School of Life The Therapy Game

When we end up in a really good conversation with a friend, we sometimes pay them a slightly unusual but sincere compliment: we say that chatting to them feels like talking to a good therapist.

What we tend to mean is that they’re giving us space to talk, they’re not interrupting us or pushing their own advice aggressively forward: they’re properly listening.

This game cannot turn us into real therapists (that would take years of training). But like many good games (ones about flying or being a detective for example), it gives us a chance to try out, entertainingly but safely, one of the most interesting sides of a great profession. The Therapy Game offers us a rare opportunity to listen and speak to one another at truly fulfilling length and depth.

The cards cover five categories: Work Sex Relationships Anxiety Self

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The School of Life is an educational company with a mission to help you understand yourself better, and their eclectic and contemporary product range has been designed around this aim. The School of Life’s ideas fall into six key categories - self-knowledge, relationships, work, calm, sociability, and leisure and culture – and these ideas are shared through the organisation's various channels. In addition to books, games, homeware and curiose, The School of Life offer online classes and courses, a library of eBooks and a YouTube channel, all based around their philosophy of life. So, what might start as a gift to yourself or another, could blossom into an enjoyable journey down a path of self-discovery and wellbeing.

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