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Motivation Cards

Designed by
The School of Life
    The School of Life Motivation CardsThe School of Life Motivation CardsThe School of Life Motivation Cards

Motivation is a tool for increasing our effectiveness; 52 exercises designed to train our brains to find their bearings and generate their very best efforts. Our minds are not machines, and are prone to distractions, indecision and cognitive biases – but these can also be worked around and overcome. Each exercise prompts us to engage in activities and thought experiments that help us to surmount mental blocks and formulate strategies for solving problems and achieving our goals. At once a collection of psychological solutions and calls to action, this is an invaluable resource for unlocking our true potential. The detail.... Box set of cards with 52 unique exercises. About the designer… The School of Life is a global organisation helping people lead more fulfilled lives. They believe that the journey to fulfilment begins with self-knowledge, the tools and techniques for developing self-knowledge and finding fulfilment are not taught and are hard to find. The School of Life was created as a resource for helping us understand ourselves, for improving our relations, careers and social lives, via prompt cards, stationery and books.

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The School of Life is an educational company with a mission to help you understand yourself better, and their eclectic and contemporary product range has been designed around this aim. The School of Life’s ideas fall into six key categories - self-knowledge, relationships, work, calm, sociability, and leisure and culture – and these ideas are shared through the organisation's various channels. In addition to books, games, homeware and curiose, The School of Life offer online classes and courses, a library of eBooks and a YouTube channel, all based around their philosophy of life. So, what might start as a gift to yourself or another, could blossom into an enjoyable journey down a path of self-discovery and wellbeing.

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