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Green Fir Pinecone Candleholder

    The Home Collection Green Fir Pinecone CandleholderThe Home Collection Green Fir Pinecone Candleholder

Green Fir & Pinecone Candleholder Single candleholder Silver glitter Faux leaves, cones and fir 17 x 9cm 40440

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The Home Collection’s diverse and wide-ranging range of home accessories always make a statement in any space. Their one-of-kind products sourced from around the world focus on quality with a twist - think a flamingo table lamp, a gold octopus wine bottle holder, or a modernist toilet paper holder that will give your interiors added personality. Lovers of maximalist, quirky homewares will find plenty of special pieces to add to their wishlists. The Home Collection is also a treasure trouva for classic homewares that give an elegant finish. Explore their full range today and discover the perfect piece that’s just right for you.

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Green Fir Pinecone Candleholder

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