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Beige Lint Brush

Designed by
    Steamery Beige Lint BrushSteamery Beige Lint BrushSteamery Beige Lint Brush

Remove all the dust and fluff that gets on your clothing with Steamery's lint brush. The bristle is made of a polyester weave where all the tiny bristles are pointed in the same tilted direction, so it will lift up all the debris from any fabric as soon as you roll it over your clothing - as if by magic!

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Brand Steamery

This Stockholm-based brand offer ‘everything you need to spoil your wardrobe’ – in the very best of ways. Steamery offers a stylish and practical range of clothing care machinery and products, which keep your wardrobe looking elegant and fresh. The brand was founded in 2014 by Frej, Petra and Martin, who wanted ways to look after their clothes without resorting to washing them too often, as this shortens clothing’s lifespan. Their range of hand-held steamers, fabric shavers, clothes brushes, laundry products and accessories are attractive in design, balancing form with function for an enjoyable use.

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Steamery Lint Brush Gentle and efficient on all fabrics Lightweight - ideal for travel Easily removes lint, hair, dust, fuzz and dandruff from clothes and furniture Size: 18.5cm x 4.3cm x 4.3cm Made from ABS-Plastic and Polyester

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Beige Lint Brush

Designed by
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