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Garnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer Mens

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    SAYE Garnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer MensSAYE Garnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer MensSAYE Garnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer MensSAYE Garnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer Mens

SAYEGarnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer Mens.

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Brand SAYE

Forget what you thought you knew about sustainable footwear. Made with love in Portugal, every single pair of sporty SAYE sneakers has a clear eco-conscience along with bucket loads of wear-anywhere appeal. The environmentally pioneering Spanish brand is always in search of ways to make its sleek footwear even more sustainable, including the ingenious use of recycled, organic materials like corn and bamboo as well as natural dyes. With its very own range of vegan footwear styles too, SAYE truly offers something for every sneaker freak conscious of their environmental footprint. Its iconic Modelo '89 Sneakers are instantly recognisable, incorporating timeless retro panels, recycled blends and Leather Work Group-certified leather uppers for a luxe but durable finish. This planet-friendly brand even plants 2 trees for every pair of trainers it sells, resulting in a ground-breaking 148,898 trees so far. Athletic, authentic and effortlessly appealing, these sleek sneakers will only get better with wear. 

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Garnet Modelo '89 vegan trainers Made with bio-based vegan napa Recycled insole, and organic cotton laces excellent cushioning UPPER: Corn vegan napa: cotton 29% + polyurethane 71% with 68% bio-based mass content LINING: 100% Organic Cotton INSOLE: 100% recycled pre-consumer polyurethane foam OUTSOLE: 30% natural and 70% synthetic rubber mix LACES: Certified organic cotton

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Garnet Modelo '89 Vegan Trainer Mens

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