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Soft Spot Solar Lantern

Designed by
    Rosendahl Soft Spot Solar LanternRosendahl Soft Spot Solar LanternRosendahl Soft Spot Solar LanternRosendahl Soft Spot Solar LanternRosendahl Soft Spot Solar Lantern

The Soft Spot lantern is designed to bring a special glow to your outdoor moments. The long summer evenings that continue until long after sunset. Reunite with old friends in the garden or enjoy a cosy dinner on the patio, eating, toasting and snuggling into the night. That’s how life should be, full of those moments that we want to last forever. Soft Spot Lantern has solar cells under the shade and the rechargeable batteries can be charged with 100 percent green sun light, on a clouded day it can be charged with USB and the built-in light sensor will make sure to spread atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. The Soft Spot Solar is wireless and can be used on the dining table, terrace and anywhere in the home where you want a cozy atmosphere. The light sphere is encased in an army green metal frame, which in one elegant stroke, protects the floating light sphere and functions as a stand and handle. The lamp can withstand weather and wind and can stand outside until minus 20 degrees. The lantern comes in three different sizes and is shown here in the large size, which measures 34 cm. Specifications: manual or automatic mode, can be charged both with USB or solar, USB cable included, illuminates for about 15 hours on a full charge, USB charging time 1-4 hours, solar charging time 7 to 10 hours, can stand outside until minus 20 degrees. Designer: Maria berntsen. Material: Powder coated steel and Plastic.

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Brand Rosendahl

Width: 11.5cm


Length: 11.5cm


Height: 34cm

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