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      Soda Store in Berlin, Germany

      Pur Schoen

      A beautiful item with a tale behind it makes owning it magical, and every Pur Schoen piece has been on its own fascinating journey. From the hills of Tibet and the wilds of Mongolia, their wool is carefully, ethically sheared from the coats of pampered cashmere goats, before being washed and hand-felted several times until the desired effect is achieved – soft as clouds and delicately transparent. Each scarf has been hand-crafted to last, thanks to Pur Schoen’s traditional knitting technique which creates a weave that is delicate and durable. Really, everyone needs a beautiful scarf like this, something that will go with everything and never go out of fashion, regardless of changing trends and seasons. Elegantly cosy in winter and chic when it’s warmer, a cashmere scarf is a forever piece.

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