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Flow Table Lamp

Designed by
Normann Copenhagen
    Normann Copenhagen Flow Table LampNormann Copenhagen Flow Table LampNormann Copenhagen Flow Table LampNormann Copenhagen Flow Table Lamp

Flow Table lamp is a table or desk lamp with a fluently simple design. Green with brass accents with LED lighting.

Flow is a modular LED table lamp with flexible positioning, created by designer Andreas Kowalewski. The Flow table lamp has a simple and flowing design, in which all of the lamp's parts grow smoothly into each other, just like the branches on a tree.

"I was inspired by the idea of ​​creating a LED table lamp that radiates lightness and agility. In Flow, I want to create a lamp whose minimal and slender shape expresses the intrinsic quality of being an easy object for lighting your office, "Andreas Kowalewski tells us.

Flow is built up of four smart metal elements that are joined in three places, but are still able to turn. A very dynamic design that means that the light can be regulated in several directions. The lamp's overall shape is derived from the movement of each lamp element, but all of the parts merge seamlessly creating the impression that the lamp is made from a single piece. The result is architecture that is light and fluid.

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Normann Copenhagen specialises in creating the most beautiful versions of those home essentials that everyone needs; think sleek washing up bowls, beautiful dustpan and brushes and stylish carafes. The Danish brand’s minimalist designs use block colours and and minimal shapes and forms to breathe life into their homeware range.

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Size: Height 42 cm, Length 58 cm, Depth 16 cm

Material: Metal, Zinc with powder coating

Designer: Andreas Kowalewski

Color: Dark green, Brass accents

Special features: Also available in White and Black

More Info: Non replacable LED lamp, 230V, European Plug

(not usable on 110 volt without seperate 110-230 volt powerconverter)

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