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Small Chunni Rectangular Board

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    Nkuku Small Chunni Rectangular BoardNkuku Small Chunni Rectangular BoardNkuku Small Chunni Rectangular BoardNkuku Small Chunni Rectangular BoardNkuku Small Chunni Rectangular BoardNkuku Small Chunni Rectangular Board

This small mango wood board is entirely handmade in India. Mango wood is raw, untreated and unvarnished. Nkuku always favors sustainable or recycled materials. It is in this approach that the mango wood was selected for the realization of this board. Similarly, the link to hang the board is recycled leather. Mango trees are initially grown for their fruit, but once the rate of production declines, the trees are cut and used to create objects. The sale of these trees allows farmers to maximize the yield of their plantation, providing them with additional income and allowing them to plant and plant new trees.

We advise you to oil it before the first use with vegetable oil (do not look too far, that of your kitchen cupboard will do). The most recommended is rapeseed oil because it does not rancid. By oiling, the board will darken, which will give it a look a little old. To feed and protect your board, you can repeat the operation from time to time. Be careful, she will skate with time! The grain of the wood can, during use, change and become slightly rough. In this case, you can gently sand your board with a soft grain paper, it will resume its softness and its initial smooth appearance. Each piece is unique, the color (the mango wood can be more or less clear, with shades of gray-yellow) and the structure (according to the veins of the wood) of the board can vary.

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Brand Nkuku

Homewares and furniture brand Nkuku combines style with sustainable design. Working with craftspeople from all over the world, this British brand is known for its dedication to fair ethical production standards. Handmade home decor, mugs and plates and soft furnishings take centre stage, with a distinctive aesthetic that will add a touch of natural charm to any home.

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Size: Total Length 38.5 cm x 15 cm x Width 1.5 cm; Handle Length 10 cm

Material: Wood

Care: To take care of your Nkuku board, it is very important never to let it soak in water and not to use the dishwasher, Just wash it in warm water with your soap and wipe it off immediately

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Small Chunni Rectangular Board

Designed by
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