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Tool Protection Camellia Oil

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    Niwaki Tool Protection Camellia OilNiwaki Tool Protection Camellia OilNiwaki Tool Protection Camellia Oil

Oil from the seeds of Camellia oleifera (same family as Camellia and tea) is the traditional Japanese choice for protecting tools from rust: use it when cleaning, and as a regular protective coating. Leaves a lovely deep, non-oily finish, and it’s odourless and tasteless (handy for kitchen knives, but don’t try drinking it.)

*Cold pressed Camellia seeds blended with white mineral oil. Not for human consumption.

47g 35mm Inert non toxic non flammable natural oil pressed from Camellia oleifera seeds Made in Japan

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Brand Niwaki

Niwaki was founded by Jake Hobson, who was influenced by a trip to Japan to take up what he now calls ‘organic topiary’, and bring to the Western market all the innovative Japanese tools that go with it, and more. When the brand started out, they sold tripod ladders and fine pruning tools, which were selected and sourced from Japan. Today, however, the range extends far beyond that, with workwear, gloves and kitchen knives from Japan all making the considered collection. Kiwaki’s essential edit includes sickles, spades, snips, saws and tool bags, whilst their range includes specialist tools for garden care, wood and bonsai.

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Tool Protection Camellia Oil

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