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Garlic Olive Oil

Designed by
Nicolas Vahé
    Nicolas Vahé  Garlic Olive OilNicolas Vahé  Garlic Olive OilNicolas Vahé  Garlic Olive OilNicolas Vahé  Garlic Olive Oil

Olive oil with garlic from Nicolas Vah� will bring you into a Mediterranean atmosphere. This beautiful bottle with 100% olive oil from Nicolas Vah� is guaranteed to be indispensable in your kitchen. This olive oil with garlic Nicolas Vah� is produced in France. Delicious in salads or with a baguette with a little sea salt from Nicolas Vah�. But as an addition to pastas or tapenades, Nicolas Vah�'s olive oil comes into its own. In addition to the delicious taste, this olive oil is also very healthy. It contains unsaturated fats, these fats lower LDL cholesterol. In this way, unsaturated fat reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, olive oil Nicolas Vah� contains a high content of vitamin E (an important anti-oxidant). So you actually kill three birds with one stone with this purchase; a delicious addition to dishes, a beautiful eye-catcher on your counter and also a positive contribution to your health. Nicolas Vah� knows how to perfectly combine taste and design, because this delicious olive oil with garlic is packaged in a beautiful bottle designed in Denmark. Sleek, stylish and in every way a beautiful addition to your kitchen. The bottle contains 25m milliliters of olive oil. The beautiful bottle is too beautiful to hide behind a kitchen cupboard. You can safely leave it on your kitchen counter.

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As part of the multi-brand company Society of Lifestyle, Nicolas Vahé follows an ethos that aims to bring joy and inspiration into your everyday living space - and this brand do it via the kitchen. Nicolas Vahé elevates the ordinary, developing delicious products that taste amazing and are beautifully packaged too. From store cupboard essentials, such as jams, curds, salt and oils, to cooking tools, such as chopping boards, utensils, plates and graters – there are plenty of ways to incorporate this captivating culinary brand into your home. Nicolas Vahé products make for thoughtful and useful gifts too, for the gourmand in your life or for those who appreciate good design when they see it.

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