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Bottle Grinder 2 Pack Ash & Carbon

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    Menu Bottle Grinder 2 Pack Ash & CarbonMenu Bottle Grinder 2 Pack Ash & Carbon

Trade in tired salt and pepper grinders for Menu’s modern pairing. Showing off elegant, ergonomic silhouettes reminiscent of sleek bottles, this desirable duo stores salt, pepper, seeds and spices with impressive ease. The grinding mechanism is positioned at the top of each design, preventing pesky flakes from falling on your pristine countertops – a common problem with other salt and pepper grinders. In soft, Scandi-inspired tones, they fit in perfectly with minimalist aesthetics and each grinder features a luxe beech lid for added organic appeal.

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Brand Menu

Fans of cutting-edge interiors will love Menu, a Scandi-style homewares brand known for its minimalistic designs. With sleek, uncomplicated lines and a muted colour palette, these interiors finds will add a sense of pared-back sophistication to any home. Shop Menu on Trouva today.

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Materials: Steel, Ceramic, Plastic, Silicone Rubber, Walnut Wood Lid

Dimensions: H20.5cm x W8cm

Care: Avoid placing bottle grinders in direct sunlight. Use a soft dry cloth to clean. For stains, use a light dish-washing soap. Do not use any cleaners with chemicals or harsh abrasives. To avoid noisy grinding, make sure the grinder is properly dry before refilling.

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Bottle Grinder 2 Pack Ash & Carbon

Designed by
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