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No. 002 Gorse (EdT) 100ml

    Laboratory Perfumes  No. 002 Gorse (EdT) 100mlLaboratory Perfumes  No. 002 Gorse (EdT) 100ml

Gorse blossom has an aroma reminiscent of coconut but such is its chemical structure no two people will smell it in exactly the same way. It was this strange anomaly and fascinating scientific fact that drew Christopher Perry to the plant. Lemon Balm is not overtly citrusy but has a distinct fresh green, lemon smell that perfectly complements the sweetness of the gorse.

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Laboratory Perfumes create timeless and original scents that are crafted from environmentally friendly and cruelty-free ingredients. They are made in the UK and are unisex in design, with a dynamic scent that evolves on the wearer during the day. Unique and evocative, the fragrances are inspired by British flower and herbs, Mediterranean savours from the South of France, and aromas from the mountains of Morocco. These expertly-crafted scents can be enjoy in perfume or candle form – both come exquisitely packaged in apothecary-like glasswear with kraft cardboard outer tubes. Not sure where to start? Try the Lifestyle Set to get a sense of five sublime Laboratory Perfumes scents.

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Fragrance House:

Elegant English brand Laboratory Perfumes is a fragrance house to watch. Brainchild of British perfumer Christopher Perry. Inspired by Perry’s fascination with the natural history of the British Isles and it's landscape.

Fragrance Notes:

Top: Fresh Green, Citrus

Middle: Gorse Flower

Base: Cardamom

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No. 002 Gorse (EdT) 100ml

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